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  1. der BOU

    Ein verrückter Hund 😂😂😂

  2. jae lee

    Elon has to be one of the most awkward public speakers but since he is Elon, it works!

  3. Sylvester Rambo

    God bless Elon, Tesla and China, you are doing amazing job. Proud of you guys and really envy your country as an Indian.
    I'm ashamed to say our government and industry doesn't give a f**k about its people and environment.

  4. Eter Wael

    I was hoping the translator mis-translates the english he's hearing

  5. Mark Tu

    Trump must be very mad. Where is America first? You guys are contributing to make China great again. LOL

  6. Cristi M

    Why the hell are you translating Elon's English in broken English? Jesus christ…

  7. Ab Da


  8. Prasad J

    Elon is just great!

  9. sreeraj r

    Lord arrival at 32:07

  10. Eric Fung

    Chinese love SUV! Model y for sure will be hot products in China.

  11. Philip Ting

    US recent actions do not represent US long history of openness. Trump is punishing China to open up China faster. Tesla is the first beneficiary of the phasing out of the joint venture rule.
    Tesla makes compelling cars hence it is self-punishment to boycott them.
    Tesla is becoming a global company. Politics should not matter.

  12. Paul danne Lachica

    Thanks CGTN for the live video

  13. chethan salahalli thippeswamy

    Are the employees sitting on the floor?

  14. 去火星旅游


  15. Matt Calascibetta

    So inspiring and uniting <3

  16. koruki

    Lol translator translating Elon’s English to English rofl

  17. SmartOrder

    Elon is such a loveable person lol

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