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  1. misael calderon

    Alguien más vino después de ver el vídeo de alvinsc

  2. Алексей Кудрин

    Its awesome, thanx and hallow from Russia))

  3. Jack Taylor

    Don’t worry she’s almost done

  4. SY• ϟZ A C K †


  5. Pablo Correa

    Muito bom! Tenho uma prova amanhã e isso ajudou muito a relaxar enquanto estudo.

  6. Matt M

    The amount of positivity in this comment section is so comforting. Like you all are friends Ive known for years.

  7. Larissa Muske

    that helps me so much thank you 🙂

  8. Liv's Life

    who else is here because of Jazzy Anne

  9. Comentários Motivacionais

    Quem mais ai escuta essa música pra relaxar e principalmente estudar ou algo do tipo ?

  10. Charlie laverntom

    At this point she is just wasting paper and not using it to the fullest extent smh 🤦‍♂️

  11. suheeb haraga

    Thats sick!

  12. Michael 66

    Legend says the girl is still writing her homework………..😁

  13. Xavier Chandler

    Yeah the headphones have googlie eyes and an affro as well=)

  14. Tyler Fricker

    Does this girl have a name? Because she has been a big help to a lot of people across the world and nobody even knows her name….Thank you friend!

  15. Tigerman1138

    Not expected, but what a great choice to sample


  16. Dave's stuff

    Ông có nghe nhạc lofi không?

  17. Bryce

    imagine if the cat fell through the window

  18. Draven / Boygamer14323 pasquayak

    Legend has it this girl never finished her homework.

  19. Alex Hernandez

    What anime is this scene from ?

  20. blink

    This just became a meme

    and im glad

  21. Thùy Dương Nguyễn Thụy


  22. Anka Roz

    Есть тут русские люди???

  23. Taylah Williams

    i’m drooling over this



  25. Katherine Nhan


  26. Katherine Nhan

    I just love thia

  27. TonzGMaster


  28. Hanabi -Chan


  29. Perso

    The cat doesn't care

  30. Ece Bal

    53:12 what is the name of the song that plays

  31. nimex hoka

    musica para mis oidos……amo estos songs….

  32. Get out2

    Things that are.infinite:
    The universe
    This girls homework

  33. Sc8ut Xxx

    I love this music

  34. Swiss Federation

    I hate Israel

  35. Samurai Angel-Bello

    the mix that started it all

  36. mEiSshOokEtH3741

    she's studying more than i ever have in my whole life

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