Logic – 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid (Official Audio)

Listen to the official audio of 1-800-273-8255 by Logic ft Alessia Cara & Khalid. Buy everyone's deluxe edition including everyone's documentary! . [TagsToTranslate] Logic

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  1. Karmocha Linnie

    If this world is so messed up that you have to make a song like this then I would let and asteroid kill us all.

  2. MrBrettwh7

    Damn . Damn hel

  3. max burns

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  4. Brianna McPherson

    Suicide: A permanent solution to a temporary problem #youmatter

  5. Horno Escaleras

    The suicide is the worst Freedom that You are going to find

  6. Horno Escaleras

    La gente le teme a la muerte en realidad. Pero habeces es tal el sufrimiento de las personas que la muerte logra disfrazarse de libertad mientras que detrás de esa libertad de encuentra la salida más cruel y cobarde que una persona puede tomar. Vamos, no te rindas que no creo que después del suicidio la pases mejor. Lucha, gana o a veces pierde pero lo que más importa es nunca rendirse

  7. kermit not live

    me when playing as scp-049-2 on scp sl

  8. Im Jale

    I dont wanna be aliveeeeeeee

  9. ROB911

    I was hearing Bullet of Hollywood Undead and youtube recomend this one…… first thing youtube do right.

  10. Niyam Jahan

    This is a shorter version the real video is 7 minutes long 🤔

  11. Kostas Ivanidis

    Ok boomer

  12. Farhan Ahmed

    The music is nice but the lyrics are trash

  13. mars 128

    I have not idea if anyone is going to read this but if you can't live for yourself live for others I have gone through some deep crap at some point I don't live for myself but for my family and friends at the time I don't feel happiness at best I just felt ok never happy for about two and half years at some point I started to feel happy I met a amazing girl which we been together for a year now she had the same problems I helped her out if you meet me now instead of back then you would see this big angry looking dude now you see me being happy smiley telling jokes I may seem weak to live for someone else but it gives you time to feel better it not the best solution but it one that hopefully can save someone's life

  14. Juju Echeverri

    There’s no need to die…but there’s a need for the pain to end

  15. king budley

    Same yo

  16. dark star

    To get rid of depression and thoughts of killing your self all you have to do is get the correct people in yout life trust me your just missing something we are humans we need love in our life we need people who will make us laugh and care about us find at least 4 people who can do this and then trust me you have everything good luck comment back your results

  17. Hody Macias

    I still listen to this just to stay positive

  18. [〉 Ola 〈]

    Little girl: what on your arms?
    me: they're battle scars.
    little girl: you fought in a war?
    me: yeah. a long and hard one.
    little girl: that's so cool! can i get one?
    me: no, please don't ever get any. but i'll tell you what.
    whenever you see someone else with battle scars,
    i want you to give them a hug, okay?
    can you promise me?
    little girl: yes, i promise.

    a few days later we went for a short shopping spree. suddenly the little girl let go of my hand and ran up to another random teenager.

    teen: why are you hugging me?
    little girl: beacause, points you have battle scars just like my baby sitter.

    then the teen looks up at me, i roll up my sleeves to show her with tears in her eyes she sayed one thing.

    teen: my war is far from being finished yet,but i'm not done fighting.
    bends down at eye level with the little girl.
    teen: thank you for giving me strength to keep fighting,
    you are forever my war hero.

  19. Katie Dowling

    "i dont wanna be alive…" 💔

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