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  1. ToxicGaming

    girlfriend: why should I let you fuck me
    me: sings this song

  2. VPX

    6:14 real skaters are cringing only real skaters will no why

  3. IAmKyleYT


  4. Olivia Vanderpool Jr

    this song is the best

  5. Alex Doodles

    I played this at my school lol

  6. NokkBlox

    Tyler1 at work

  7. Unknown Unknown

    Did anyone else realize the girl changed from when they got out the car

  8. edgar hoey

    This video is the bestest

  9. gagoako369


    Boomers:oh shit I dropped my glasses

  10. Diwakar Sharma

    Suddenly grows hair in old age

  11. Mohamed Waleed

    My brain: I work hard everyday
    Me: but today is my day and no matter what they say

  12. Mohamed Waleed

    My brain: I work hard everyday
    Me: but today is my day and no matter what they say

  13. Miguel Medrano

    Logic looks like Eminem if Eminem stopped trying

  14. [TL] IITitan33II / GelaT0nGD

    just me and the boys walkin' GTA style.

  15. XxxjacksonxxX XxxcoolxxX


  16. RunAwayGamer

    Just realized that the women had air pods in


    That looks like Lebrun james
    Edit: 0:37

  18. Lightnin

    He be tryin to get in the car through the left window, but the right one is open 🤔

  19. Thxnder !

    7:14 I'm done with school

  20. Atreyu Yeakle

    Why does Logic look like he got his head shaved because of a dare?

  21. Mwape Mfula

    I thought logic was a rapper

  22. jaheim stapleton

    The boss was an a**hole like if u agree

  23. jaheim stapleton

    Lovin it

  24. CN GhOsT

    7:30 what i want to say to my teachers when they give us wayyyyyyyy toooo muchhhhh homework like wat

  25. Toxic Fire

    Alguien sabe cómo se llama el conjunto de ropa que trae marshmello?

    Anyone know what the set of clothes that marshmello brings is called?

  26. Marcus R

    No one:

    old logic: oh shit i drooped my glasses

  27. Coco de doggo

    Walking into school on a Friday be like

  28. A.J. Gaming

    Me only my birthday: Today is my day

  29. Johnny Salami

    wdf where has this song been all my life? I love it

  30. Hextor Hernandez

    Fuck white people🤣🖕🖕

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