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  1. Solaniin

    How about promoting Chinese apparel on male models as well? I'd love to see what male fashion with Chinese elements could potentially be and how far it could go in the Western market.

  2. Rui Qiang zeng

    Chinese can never make splash, trend on global culture, style, medias, movies, music, art, shows cuz Chinese are too nerdy, geeky, shy, quiet, awkward, clumsy, defendless, western copycats, old fashioned, corny, stiff, square, uncool, fugly, poorly, clumsy, defendless, invisible, slow, boring, ignorant, timid, emotionless n motionless etc. . . due Chinese waste too much time n mind to memorize Chinese charactors, not enough time n mind to play, create, argue, mingle, make friends, talk, stand up, speak up, defend, be cool, hip, sing, dance etc..

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