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  1. Xion Toshiro

    When you look at a Tea Pot and think: "Kung Fu"…

  2. Paul Hawkes

    Where can you buy Long Spout Teapot?


    I would like to buy one of this tea pot, do you know where i can find one?

  4. Hoy Sum

    I think the intro song not appropriate, kitaro is a Japanese guy…

  5. Tim Heintz

    This is really cool. I was wondering what the name of the song is.

  6. Lisa Lin

    @alan, we recently helped a tai chi master on getting this kettle. See our post: https://www.teasenz.com/chinese-tea/long-sprout-teapot-tai-chi-tea.html

  7. Alan Silva Morais

    Where can I buy one os this long-spouted teapot???

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