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  1. ian matthew

    yes sir

  2. Aaron Joseph

    Sweet Music

  3. Aaron Joseph

    Beautiful music….outside all crirics

  4. Gareth Hughes

    Great tune. Not the best rip of it off the record though I'm afraid. There's no top end, the brass parts seem entirely lost.

  5. gerard remy

    I am a big fan of Shorty's music love de melody

  6. Rasheed Mohammed

    The greatness in Shorty, lay in the fact that he had vision, talent, great voice and two genres: the sex God, and then the Rasta that went into forest. To come up with this sound in the late sixties and early seventies, is nothing short of phenomenal!

  7. Arthur tha Victor

    This is the man who change the game made it more up beat with his soul influence

  8. Trini3nity

    Thank you Mr. Garfield Blackman- 'Lord Shorty' for the Sweet Music!!

  9. Trini Cross

    The melody, the lyrics and what a voice! Sweet music.

  10. Curtis Alleyne

    A ledgen. The lyrics says it all.

  11. Marley - ite

    Lord Shorty = Genius.

  12. Kadon Douglas

    This is officially one of my favorite songs .. hear the heartbeat!

  13. Vernell Quashie

    This album was for Carnival 1976. There was a new Tent on the scene called 'The Professionals'. The cast included: Shorty, Duke, Wellington, Lion, Eagle, Robin, De Fosto, Rio, Funny, Gypsy, Designer, Cro Cro, etc. Shorty starred with 'Kim', 'E Pete', 'Oh Trinidad', 'You Must Come', 'Sweet Music' and 'Ni Tu Whe Whe'. This Tent cast was filled with the young up and coming stars of that new generation. It was basically the first breakaway Tent from OYB and Revue…Blakie had a Tent prior!

  14. Manuel Orbea Otaola

    Soca MUSIC!!!!

  15. Marissa T

    I am feeling it…bringing back memories of my childhood. Now I need to hunt for "The Portrait of Trinidad" to complete my moment!! Thanks for posting 🙂

  16. 2damnfunny

    My mother used to play this all the time.

  17. Toracube

    Classic. Love it !! Try to find Moods of Sparrow if you can. Best album I ever brought !! I played it to death ! Wicked Playlist. Thanks Man. Andy :))

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