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  1. Eric Chau


  2. Saina T.

    What a movie! loved it

  3. Arif Kurniawan

    I look it because bella hadid 😂😂

  4. Keyen Nashia

    Thank you 🙂

  5. Music with Jovial Bee


  6. Indri Kintoro

    Nice movie…beautiful story….scenery…and great actor/acteess…👍👍👍💖💖💖


    I swear takeshi kaneshiro is one of the most handsome guy i've seen in my life… he probably could be an Idol now

  8. Kim Ngoc Nguyen

    Can anyone please tell me which song is it at 1:00:35

  9. John Christopher Santos

    Please upload Chungking Express ❤

  10. sandy fung


  11. Samuel Augusto

    wow, just wow, I recently started to binge watch asian films, and this is such a poetic movie… amazing storyline, phenomenal performances and oustanding cinematographic scenaries for the time. thank you for the upload! ps: I think if Ted really had a scotish accent, it would't be as much romantic ahahah

  12. eld lasaten



    I want to ask people which experienced the British colonial time of Hong Kong , especially the golden era ,

    There is a very unique vibe in the atmosphere in Hong Kong back then , everything is more pretty , and could feel the sophistication in people , could see how the best civilization of mixing the western and the eastern together .

    There is absolutely tons of different points could be taken from that time , which is better in comparisons to the China's Hong Kong now .

    But for now , I just would like to express , how a true international city , with wide doors open to the whole world , and people celebrating with so much pretty times in joys , now which had the mainland Chinese government slowly closing this door of Hong Kong to be the big international city , transforming into one the regular city of China .

  14. fafany y

    I saw "Chungking Express" a few days ago, and now this one. I definitely agree that the 80s-90s were the golden era of Hong Kong cinema.

  15. zzajizz

    The movie that first piqued my interest in Scotland. Other tourists visit locations for famous Hollywood movies like Harry Potter, I look for those from this little HK movie…

  16. Endgamefond

    OMG Takeshi is so handsome. He's so cute back then. I love his classic Chinese movies with Jimmy Lin and Boboho (the movie called Trouble Maker). OMG He's so perfect.

  17. Spy Del Rio

    missing hk so watching this movie

  18. Vell Baria Official Channel

    1:02:02 my favorite part!
    A duet song of Takeshi Kaneshiro and Kelly Chen!
    Ahh what's the title of the song again..?? I forgottt!!

  19. Sora

    Please I need the sound played in 1:02:20

  20. pheebz -

    This movie is incredible love story. Beautiful cinematography between HK & Scotland. Thx for upload!

  21. ST Chan

    請問有無人知道呢幕係邊到拍? 51:23

  22. Joel Foucault

    This crossed my mind the guy says 'Scotland' way too much, scary how he does this.

  23. rockstopsthetraffic

    >immediately hear Leonard Cohen

  24. DrSajed

    Can someone tell me the song played at 1.37 hour…

  25. Winona Daphne

    that's why he's SO HANDSOME

  26. Ian Li

    The DVD of this movie is the very first item I brought from TB, almost 11 years and one month ago.

  27. 周志强


  28. 周志强


  29. 屁股


  30. deerclaudia

    第一次睇 愛上了 謝謝

  31. Rina


  32. Thoma Hui


  33. Paul L

    very good movie..did she win any award from this film?

  34. Wei Feng

    陳慧琳都唔識做戲。 “我想生女,一定係女。 ” 宿命論。

  35. Marc Lee

    Just love the handsome Takeshi Kaneshiro !!

  36. Markus Schild

    A great and awesome movie. A movie showing different stages of life, the struggles a person is going through and the searching for a sense in her own life and its purpose as well. I can watch this movie over and over.

  37. Iarshinta sudjana

    Love you Takeshi 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. 丽眉李


  39. Zaki Khalid

    Can someone PLEASE PLEASE tell me what is that mesmerising Scottish hymn or folk song in the background which keeps repeating, especially at 1:37:35?

  40. Mohammad Dishan

    i know this is not considered as one of the best Hong Kong films, im not sure if it is. but this film is surely great. everything about the film is lovable <3 lucky to have such film that too starring my favorite Kelly Chen and Takeshi Kaneshiro

  41. Maggie Chan

    A LIFE-AFFIRMING FILM, that deals with DEATH.
    This is why this movie is UNIQUELY, GLORIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL.

  42. david bates

    A lovely film, just lovely. Thank you very much.

  43. Fran


  44. everyday life

    Good old hk movies that is also in Cantonese.

  45. Sean Green

    Ted has a very strong Scottish accent…..

  46. Starring Night

    What’s the name of the song at the beginning?

  47. Susi Ardiathi

    Very emouvant and sadly, nice movie, thank you to shared it.

  48. ともだち


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