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  1. Alex Qiu

    This guy looks gay

  2. J L


  3. jerlands

    interesting insight…

  4. Tired AF

    another china expert.

  5. Donkey Kong

    No it’s Russia, Iran, Turkey, taking turns on the US

  6. d d

    does mayweather stop fight with tyson instead change direction to fight with a teenage kids boxing learner make tyson feel relieve ?

  7. Li Raven

    Try the arms race wi russia

  8. F Harrison

    One problem is hot war, while the other one is trade (cold war you may call it)…
    I don't see China relieved .
    Trump will do what is needed to stay in office ( listen to war supporters of senators of Republican)
    RIP lol

  9. John Smith

    We still see you, China

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