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  1. bacon burger01

    Green is not the color of jealousy

  2. aurux21

    dislike por humillar a luigi

  3. Oliver Hitz


  4. D Page

    t hats a lie!

  5. Sebas Lopez Acuña

    Everybody dislike because he disrespected luigi

  6. Brendan Stephens

    This song sucked!

  7. Kevin Muncia

    I hate you .

  8. midget ninja gaming

    this is so mean

  9. Kaczorek Duo

    THIS. IS. IRONIC. luigi in this song never is mentioned good like walugi in smash

  10. abyss watcher

    I feel bad for Luigi he so thought you guys were talking to him

  11. Samuel Haskett

    this is one of only jt songs i hate cause you bullied luigi

  12. Luigi Mario

    (Singing luigi' mansion 3song by IT music)

  13. Lvl Xav !

    The song is good.
    The lyrics are

    not so good.

  14. Little Flash Light

    Da hell man this was supposed to be about Luigi

  15. dumb daniel44

    Its luigi not Mario you asshole

  16. I like Memes duluxet 64

    -me I’m goin to watch Luigi mansion.

    -I don’t think ur gonna today

  17. Mystical_Fire21

    Nintendo: Releases a Luigi game after so long
    JT: Makes Song
    Luigi: BlueBalled


    Poor luigi

  19. Carlos Cardiel

    It should be luigi he risk his but off traying to save his frends he hunts ghost for 3 years luigi's mansion luigi's mansion dark moon and luigi's mansion 3 3 year's it should be luigi luigi

  20. crcoghill

    Ok guys.

    Where's the real song?

  21. Flame Gaming

    Actually green means nature and red means love

  22. Scout Georgia pie

    do you think that this song is suppose to be about Luigi not his brother Mario

  23. Slosh


  24. Miguel Villanueva


  25. Arnis Aumeisters

    this made me a little bit laugh

  26. Ronnie cooper

    I wanted to watch a good song and you just decided to change the lyrics to make it different instead of what you’re going for

  27. Robert Young

    (Luigi)finally a song incoreged by me🎊🎉

    (Jt)and you know his name it's super mario

    (Luigi)oh F$#! You😡


    (Luigi)hear it comes😁😀🎊

    (Jt) its toad😋

    (Luigi)god damn it 😠🤬

  28. CupGalvan Alejandro

    Thanks for ruining my favorite character song

  29. Roselyn Lannutti

    Beautiful…what's a luigi

  30. rainbow frogs1

    I get this is a joke

  31. gamez plaz

    That ain't mario it's Luigi

  32. Valiantation

    Luigi,s the best beacht

  33. Random Rae

    Please make the proper version of this, I want to at least hear Luigi's name as a main thing

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