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  1. Croco Croc

    Why is E Gadd a Girl?

  2. maemaemae1982

    Y is egad played as a girl?also love the song. And keep on doing this. Also, what is your favorite Musical? My favorite ghost is the yellow one

  3. k k

    And the game boy horror can only show the map coins and boos I know I'm being a little mean but I have a high respect for Lm

  4. k k

    Gooigi dose not care about ghost he can't fear them

  5. jeremiah vega

    "I miss them already" they even tho the tried to kick them out the house
    Also i need the yellow ghost

  6. Faythe Gaming

    Why De Heck Was Mario On Vacation..I Know…HES SCARED OF GHOST HUNTING…

  7. CreeperGlide Games - Disney Cars and More!

    Why is e gad a girl!?

  8. Macktilla 64

    Ok… just gotta know… what the heck was E.Gadd saying to summon the spirits/ is it just random words or are they actually translated from something? Also, Gooigi looks great!

  9. super Oliwia Pochrząszcz

    Make brawl stars musical

  10. SlothBoy 125

    Just an idea, it would be an interesting idea to do a cover series. You have done one video like this before where AJ sung pacman. Someone could sing a random encounters song they haven't sung before. Just an idea. 🙂

  11. The magical Spaghettio39

    Wow thats… pretty illegal

  12. memerboy

    So e.gadd is a woman. Bruh

  13. Kobedoesgaming

    Sunshine next?

  14. KatEMC08 -TheEmeraldMinecart

    I'm excited about granny 2 ( Please publish the musical on Christmas day! So we can have a spoooky Christmas ! )
    EDIT: This musical was funny XD

  15. A Dog named Pedro

    Adriana Figueroa please come back to your YouTube channel

  16. A Demolay Boi

    Luigi sounding like Moe from the stooges

  17. Brandubh Dolan

    This whole thing was fantastic, but the ghosts aren't getting enough love in the comments! So cute and spooky!

  18. NO_ SIGNAL

    “ I collect DNA samples of every person I meet”

    “WOW, That is pretty……

  19. nightmarefuelfan ita

    Luigi:hey e gadd what yo doin
    E gadd:oh just summoning souls from the deepest hole of hell

  20. Dark Piece

    You must do a song about Little Misfortune you should search for it anyways bye

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