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  1. CJ 17

    Cool mofo I wanna go to his party’s 🥳

  2. Brandon Nufer

    This song was the first song I played after me and my ex broke up! I'm doing great and love life. And any time I think about what I might of missed I just listen to this song and get reminded of how my life is so much better

  3. Mary Castorena


  4. Donotmesswithme#foe Forlife

    This shits fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Lilly Oaks


  6. Laura Merrick

    I like it

  7. Robert Kaun

    Thank you for keeping true country music alive. Keep it coming. 👌

  8. Mary Castorena

    He is pretty

  9. Walt Lovegren

    My jam in more ways than one 😂😂 she left me on a Sunday and the waitress I met is leaving hearts on her texts.

  10. Sylvia Stallion

    Your a baby doll

  11. Sylvia Stallion


  12. Josh Black

    He looks like the youtuber Chills in the face a little bit.

  13. TheofficialPhantom phantom

    what the name of the actress he calls the waitress

  14. Elesa Randall

    You are awesome

  15. Kevin Tromblee

    Love you l

  16. Sylvia Stallion

    God. This is awesome

  17. Heidi Mchoul

    I love your music luke

  18. Another Sadsong

    Thats right squirman ryan herman 1514 river rd nominee Wisconsin i know the original code

  19. David Zavala

    I’m Mexican and Im lowkey getting into country any songs y’all recommend me to listen to🔥 can’t wait to have my lifted truck bumping to bangers

  20. Fran Barker

    this so is my big brother

  21. Ethan Hays

    Shit he used a 2 dollar bill

  22. Fallen Titan

    Yo when your now ex wife cheats on you for someone that has more material goods then realizes he was a piece of shit that she ruined a family for and wants back no thanks lol

  23. Sylvia Stallion

    U made my Nascar Sunday playlist!!!!!! Church 1st

  24. lily rothermund

    gold digger

  25. Sylvia Stallion

    Such a funny video. Wanna shake ur hand:))) Luke Combs:))

  26. Kevin Tromblee

    Xxx with my car not yet

  27. eddie bahlman

    Sweet song

  28. m k

    Better to be single 👏🏻❤️

  29. Carter Busby

    Great song

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