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  1. Guardian Sport

    The world swimming 400m freestyle title which was won by China’s Sun Yang ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jul/22/mack-horton-accused-of-disrespecting-china-after-protesting-sun-yangs-w

  2. ho weelien

    aussies and britsare behaving like their prime ministers

  3. ho weelien

    haha,aussie cant afford to lose

  4. 최정민

    too many chinese here! 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼

  5. D空

    Why participate in the swim in the first place then? Just join a theatre company if you want to create drama.

  6. Robert Shogun

    horton is my son, i am sorry for borning him

  7. AJ XOXO

    There is no goodwill or sportsmanship here. This is a racist and disgusting display by Mack Horton.

  8. fred wang

    MH is a sore loooooser, because he got on the podium when he won gold in olympics 2016

  9. Lizzy allen

    Horton is definitely a gay lol.

  10. ahl1835

    Horton is a baby. He couldn't get a candy.

  11. Eleeth Tahgra

    Aahh…so its not just the egypt who could become sore loser. Australia could do it too.

  12. 雷猴

    Horton is a rubbish!!!!!!!!
    Horton is Human shame

  13. zzzlez 2

    White fragility at its finest

  14. jon jon

    Do not bother with lesser a-holes as they will bring you down. The Chinese are well equipped with Cheat, Lie, Steal, Copy and ensue with the great argument of totalitarian society. they worship Hitler way of thinking. John Hoard has stolen over 3 trillion Dollars. put into his personal savings OFSURE

  15. Danny Chen

    boy What a shame!little Horton

  16. Larry Chunk

    The whole world hates China!!!

  17. A.S.E Taboo

    Mack Horton………What's your opinion of "proven" Australian drug cheats ?????

  18. X FILES


  19. Guardian Panther

    Horton just mad coz Sun Yack has better dope lol

  20. HJ Ahn

    Dope? Chinese thing lol

  21. white people arent real

    Sun Yang, the dopping dude

  22. Alan Gabonski

    SunYang has brought total shame to China and all Chinese people by getting banned for being a drug cheat.

  23. Alex L

    水中跪族——Mack Horton.

  24. TheSedder

    Interesting, how many chinese Bots are influencing the comment section here

  25. Peter Haynes

    he can test urine using his mouth

  26. peng james

    Mack Horton:I am a loser, I have no honor to stand beside Sun yang, I kneel.

  27. mike lee

    Hahaha, australian loser horton is a jackass , lol 😄👎

  28. keith tiong

    Racism is when one race felt that they are superior and other races are incapable of achieving better

  29. M F

    salty as f wat a loser

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