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  1. Pratik Borade

    दोस्तों, वीडियो में मैंने जो कहां हैं, उसका मतलब मैं कोई बहोत संयमी हूं ऐसी बात नहीं हैं, मैं खुद भी इन बातों को अपने जीवन में अमल करने की कोशिश हमेशा करता रहता हूं… तो ऐसा मत समझना की मैं कोई उपदेश दे रहा हूं… 🙏
    आप सबके प्यार और सपोर्ट के लिए धन्यवाद 🙏❤️🙏

  2. Katrina Kaif

    Yeh liberals kuch bhi bakwaas karte rehte hai jaise "India ka musalman dara hua hai"

  3. animal best videos

    2 ghante ki film ke liye 18 minutes ka review dekhe kya??
    Isi liye video kat kar last ka 2 minit ka review hi dekhte he sab

  4. DPM music

    Then what about sex education in india ?????

  5. Chirag Thakur

    I have started reading books by Swami Vivekananda , This kind problems have been discussed in details and Now I have realized Importance of practicing celibacy. I never saw any porn with intention to masturbate till I got admission in degree college, I learned how to masturbate from my friend (They just explained me how it works) I think I did got addicted to it for a while. I realized it was affecting my overall personality and life. Now it's been 8 or 9 month or I don't know may be an year haven't seen any porn or masturbated. And yes…! we can stay alive while practicing celibacy (for those who ask "Ki tum aise kese zinda reh sakte ho?"). Now I am addicted to good books, my progress in life, good content videos like Pratik sir makes.

  6. Gautam Deb Roy

    Happy Diwali Sir

  7. Rahul Reddy

    Bro now a days you are not reviewing a movie. I like your beginning reviews But now are judging the movie by taking things personally. You should positive and negative about movie. If you want to share your point of view about culture in other videos but not as review or change word review to judging the movie. you are using word western liberalization way too much I know you don’t like them but you are behaving same buy showing them down like they are idiots.


    18 min ke video me 2 add aa gaye bhai chhota vedio bana ya add nikal de or itna deep review nahi chaiye aadhi film to tune hi bana di..

  9. avinash pandit

    Bhai 17-17 min Ka movie review kon karta hai itna time kiske pass hai, Tu movie review Kam aur khud gyan jyada jhadta hai, tujse bhadiya to "deeksha Sharma" review karti h Maximum 5 min ke video Mai aur uska word collection to shandaar hai, tere movie review Dekh rha hu 7 min se jyada video Nikal gya tune abhi tak movie ke baare m Kuch nhi bolega, Bhai bus ab Mera itna lumba comment bhi khatam ho gya lekin tera movie Ka review start nhi hua

  10. Yash Bhosale

    Totally agree with you 👍

  11. Damodar Poudel

    Actually i have watched this movie and it is about under dog bussinessman raghu … and i think its nice movie … you are disscussing about the some points of movie … you are movie reviwer you should review movies not to objectify things … we are educated indians … donot make us fool and make this type of silly moive review … this is wtf

  12. Md Mobin

    Are Bhai jyada gyaan Matt do.
    Dunya main har ek cheej control ho sakta hai par hasthmaithun Nahin.
    Hafte main ek baar normal hai.

  13. Simon Suman

    It is medical issues, not western or eastern… which is a medical science.
    1.Night fall…it is just a over product and fall.. it will stop after marriage…… it is not pathological
    2. Lack of erection, is medical issues. May be psychologically or pathological…
    3. Infertility… … one is lack of sperm count… there is treatment to increase sperm count.
    4. If teenagers don't masterbetion, there will night fall…. it is always produce and it have to come out…
    5. If in western countries, they provide breast feeding rooms, is it wrong? Women want extra breast feeding rooms in every public place… what is wrong? They want extra benefits…
    6. What is the sex ratio in world people… india is 8th….https://www.salon.com/2014/02/19/the_12_most_sexually_satisfied_countries_in_the_world_partner/

  14. Sachin Verma

    You r so biased,illogical ,miles away from your actual job which is just to review a movie without getting personally affected with its contents
    Better to do a goggles business so that everyone can see the world by your mind and eyes

  15. Sahil Kumar

    Sahi bole

  16. Prakash Acharya

    After long speech about bala bala things u give 4.5 star out 10 and not even talk about various aspects of film like story,actong,songs,dialogues,locations etc its seen lecture video than review video,i am one of them who dislike video i need heart or reply from u not from other dump peoples.One suggestions u can make review video between 8-12 minute and please focus on only film.


    Indian culture is all about the present and future and most importantly to continue the human race but western culture is all about present present and present. They do not think about future of human race.

  18. Himanshu Kumar

    Review kraa kr.. Bkchodi nahi
    Befaltu kaa gyan naa diya kr

  19. Aniket Nayi

    I clicked for movie review and got frustrated man who talks about Sanskriti

    Unsubscribing you

  20. crapmail tome

    What you said is 100% True Bro. Lot of respect towards you.

  21. Shivendra Singh

    This is not a movie review 15mint ke baad kuch movie related baat hai

  22. Shivendra Singh

    Bhai thoda chota video bnaya karo aur itna gyaan mat Diya karo keep it short and simple

  23. Rohit Naik

    Not just a movie review Karne wala. For me also you are like my big brother. Brother who tells right things and tell you how to think. 😊

  24. Rohit Naik

    Good Review Brother 👍

  25. Nandan Singh

    Mene abhi 6 october ko initiation liya h in inner engineering. Bhaiya bura lagta h ki logo ke pass guru ki di diksha nahi h…. Aur kitti sanskriti mujhe nahi pata… Abhi toh bas sochta hu apni mitti ko aur jaanu

  26. ऋषभ ʀɪsʜᴀʙʜ

    Ab ye bollywood wale hame sex education de rahe hai…. 🤣😂 Jabki khudi apni movies mein soft-core porn dikhate hai …

  27. ऋषभ ʀɪsʜᴀʙʜ

    Ye bollywood wale ab logo ko psychologically bewakoof bana rahe hai….

  28. ऋषभ ʀɪsʜᴀʙʜ

    Ye bollywood wale ab logo ko psychologically bewakoof bana rahe hai….

  29. ऋषभ ʀɪsʜᴀʙʜ

    Ye bollywood wale ab logo ko psychologically bewakoof bana rahe hai….

  30. I love Doraemon

    Kya aap namard hai,,bura maat manna apke chehere se lagta hai ki aap napungsak hai

  31. Rajnish Jha

    Me awashgandha leta hu ye sex power hi nhi badhata hai ye tension ko kam krta hai testrsron badhata hai muscles grow hoti hai blood circulation accha hota h etc etc

  32. Lkr Rajpurohit

    Bhai ab aapke review main review waali baat nhi rhi maaf kijiye

  33. Vishal Sevkani

    Happy Diwali and prosperous new year Pratik jay hind Vande matram.

  34. A K

    Bahenchod tu film banale or uska review karle or uski bhi buraye karna.


    wow,,apne kafi achaa samjhaya

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