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  1. Rosa Rosa Dias

    Linda música adoro a tua voz muita linda!!😍😘😘😍😘😍😘😍

  2. Dave Moishe

    An amazing songwriter. One of the best a-ha songs ever. But, sorry, Magne is singing completely out of tune.

  3. Monika Barbosa

    Além de gato ainda canta! Não tem como não amar esse norueguês!!!

  4. AhnJi_Illustrator

    He could act. He has a very impressive face expression.

  5. ardyneros 75

    much more I like to see magne in keyboard  than in guitar…

  6. Q X

    I have always wondered if the song 'Promise' – Merethe Soltvedt (Composed by Thomas Bergersen), has anything related to Magne's Dragonfly? There are Norwegian links I suppose, but the chorus is too similar… Perhaps Thomas really admired Magne, though different genre, both songs are magnificently beautiful!… Love the sound of Norwegian!!!


    I like very much your voice Magne 🙂

  8. maxim gaew

    Обалденная версия!

  9. leanne t

    His voice works well with this. I love Morten's voice, but something more earthy and gritty and natural works here.

  10. Zo E. Poet

    His voice literally fell from an angel's mouth and onto his soul. We love you, Magne!

  11. Masa Zalokar

    Magne is out of this world beautiful.

  12. Edivaldo X


  13. estela duran

    a un video de MAGNE FURUHOLMEN

  14. jose luis Martin

    simply, I like it.

  15. Jiří Bohuněk


  16. Andre Ferreira

    Awesome voice. His falsettos sound a lot like Morten's

  17. icebirdgiessen

    magne –> not just a singer, but a singing poet

  18. icebirdgiessen

    magne´s voice is really natural. by this and by his lyrics he creates a world that is "more simple and more beautiful" (maupassant) – just a real artist can do this.

  19. MrConstantine9

    I have been a fan of A-ha from their first album..followed them through my school-college-university-adult life…From 14 to 40 now…have all their albums..but not all their solo efforts..so this post and effort is truly appreciated…thank you for allowing me to discover this side of them..Thank you

  20. mai dahl

    I just love Magnes voice. He makes me relaxed and gives me chills at the same time. He is a true artist….a much better one then Morten ever was !

  21. Fabi SOWK

    Thanks, whiskydust! As I had always listened a-ha's version, it felt a bit strange at first….Mags voice sounded like a child in the onset of puberty….unstable & so sweet….then I've ended up loving it. But love Morten's the most….I feel that he tried to be "less Morten" to honor Mags's beautiful song……

  22. Elsolra Saul

    Amazing version, great lyrics and meaning!!!

  23. Baltazar Bum

    Magne has written some great songs on his own This one is among them.

  24. nofchong

    Am a fans of aha, though not a huge fans. I always love morten's voice, I can't live without it, but sorry Morten, not this time . But will love u guys, thanks for whiskydus, u did a really good job for us, keep it up

  25. nofchong

    I love this version very much, as I listened and watched that video, I felt very relaxing and touching, thank you very much mags, you did a good job, love you guys, Morten, mags and pal. Love u all forever!!!❤❤❤

  26. KyriakosGR

    Very Nice..

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