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  1. LPS Maleah

    I like to customize tinker bell dolls XD

  2. Rin The Random Person

    What kind of paper do I use to trace on?

  3. Kaylane Crandall

    This video was so much help to me thank you so much for making this video ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Mary Raab

    Thank you very much!

  5. Racheal Hart

    So cute!!!

  6. Clynn Azeudlab

    Thank you soooooo much….

  7. Wicler Sousa

    Seus vídeos me encanta que saudades😚 Melhor composição de imagem, áudio e criações! :3

  8. Jennie f

    Happy Christmas sweetie ~ Love Jennie xxxx

  9. SPPOD

    thank you for this tutorial! great beginners doll dress! i added off the sholder sleeves to mine and they look adorable!

  10. Jennie f

    Thank you ~ I sketch mine out to the appropriate doll and add seam allowance etc

  11. Elizabeth Ramirez

    So pretty , you are so talented and skilled.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Can you please tell me the name of the fabric..
    God Bless you always.

  12. Ellie Noe

    What kind of sewing machine did you use?

  13. Hayley Morris

    Music is dreadful.

  14. Janelle Meap

    IT LOOKS GORGEOUS:D And thanks for the tutorial:) This will help me alot:)

  15. Szonja

    I am really happy, because youre hungarian like me 🙂

  16. TKay Michel

    If I wanted to read about this subject, I'd buy a book. Some of us have visual impairments (cataracts, in my case) and come to youtube because reading isn't a good option for us. Giving this video an F-.

  17. mundo love cat Rojas Zuñiga

    plis leidi bog asedla plisss

  18. Amy Nguyen

    Can you make more videos on how to make doll clothes? Sunny's shoes collection made me wish I can make the shoes like hers for my doll

    Luv and thank you ❤

  19. Ralph Adkins

    Have you thought of making a Lolita style dress/costume?

  20. Yazmín L

    (- -)

  21. Star Sackaney

    Awwww!!! Like I really learned something here actually I should say many a great thing here! THANK YOU! Question — Firstly, I realize dolls have a waaay out there proportion to us gals and women, however could this pattern be applied, granted with a few alterations, to us women and gals real life sizes?! LOL Just curious! I am not yet a sewing machine kinda woman, although I can sew buttons and stitch this or that (I like to think! lol) however I am gonna take that step soon! You make this look fun and worth every second . . . thanks a bunch UNNiEDOLLS Channel on YouTube! Cheers xox

  22. Midlight fair

    this is not a dress.

  23. Thail Volt

    Can't read the text. You need a dark background to use with white text

  24. Tama Sue

    Thank you so much for sharing! Love it 😍

  25. Marta Womack

    So pretty! Verysweet pattern and fabric choices. Thank you!

  26. Blue

    do you sell doll clothes? or if not are you planning on it? I would buy so many clothes for my dolls from you!

  27. H o l l y w o o d D e m o n

    Can u plz make some more of these.❤They are so cute and it is perfect for my doll lol.i could watch this like 5 times in a row its so cool.Amazing even.❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😻🙀

  28. The Doll Realm

    thank you for this video! I'm getting so many different ideas to try out!

  29. Cheyenne La Loup

    so cute!!! your very creative!!!

  30. Nefertiti Jones

    Very Pretty!

  31. GAZ

    yay another video I love this one

  32. Wino and Dollies

    Thank you!

  33. chumchums toys

    Ahhhhh this is just adorableeeee thanks for the video, this will definitely help me with my dolls clothes

  34. NightmareMuse

    Ah, this is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much! Now i can make beautiful dresses for my customized dolls. ^_^

  35. Lux

    Really helpful video! Do you make clothes for your pure neemo in the same way? I struggle to find clothes that fit her but I need to improve my sewing skills >_<

  36. Khalasa

    OMG the dress is beautiful

  37. Tasia Church

    also love

  38. Jesus Christ

    beautiful !! i love your doll videos!😍

  39. Tasia Church

    first commet

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