Martial arts, self-service bar stool

As a martial artist, you should consider learning to protect yourself with a variety of impromptu weapons. If you frequent bars, bistros or nightclubs, consider studying the following special martial arts skills…

Martial arts skills, prompting forward
If someone approaches, try to attack, you find that your bar stool is between the two of you, and then lean forward to send the edge of the seat into the attacker's upper limb, groin or waist.

Think of it as turning from the bottom of a bench leg. Without any backwards or upward movements, you can tilt forward directly. If you can, you will escape. If not, don't wait for his second step before you strike.

Martial arts bench leg lift
Another way to tilt the top of the faeces is to lift the bottom of the faeces.

With the right distance and time, you can lift the "foot" of the bar stool to the attacker's groin. You can also use your foot to step on your opponent's calf to stop the attack.

If you can, leave again.

Attacker attacker
As you can see from all the movies, you can also push the entire stool to the attacker. Here, timing is really important.

If your enemies see the impetus coming, then he either grabs the bar stool, in which case he now has a "weapon" or he will step on it to avoid it.

But if you clock correctly, you may be surprised. Flying fast…oh…run!

Punch or kick the ball
Unless you are a skilled martial artist, I don't think the bar stool will be your ultimate weapon. After all, you are not Jackie Chan, right?

Still, if you practice – this means learning effective moves that won't make your intentions – your bar stool technique can be a big distraction.

It is the perfect "first step" for people to carry out progressive indirect attacks.

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