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  1. Shawn Michaels

    This guy cooks the unhealthiest dishes for sure.. everything is deep fried..

  2. ssvoreful

    Chef, you forgot a pinch of revolution.

  3. iEatWoodles

    Not Hong Kong style more like westernised. Also where is the brown crust of the bottom of the rice? Can you even call that clay pot rice?

  4. Davy Raditya

    Took 5 hours to cook, and 2 minute to eat 🤣🤣

  5. SKOT Dude

    Soy sauce + oil = Soil.

  6. M. Lymann

    Is this a subtle commercial for Kikkomann soy sauce?

  7. Jay Bird

    Marinate in what? Red vinergar? White? Wine? Or??

  8. Eldridge leoncito

    Cook early to eat on time 😂

  9. troy threeks

    Free HK

  10. country side

    Taiwan number 1

  11. Rex 1337

    I'm from Hong Kong. Honestly when talking about claypot rice, no local people would order this dish. There are many other popular claypot rice recipes, but NOT this. I don't remember I've seen this dish in any Hong Kong restaurant

  12. Mr. Krabs

    Free Hong Kong

  13. 寒枫


  14. furself1

    this dish took 14 days to make

  15. Daniel Y

    Be careful chef John Zhang. The commies will go after your next for not listing "China HongKong" in your title.

  16. copper cassie Campbell

    People that complained !!
    You are watching all his videos, learning his cooking methods, his tricks, this is all free and to learn in culinary school would cost you a pretty buck.
    All this and you complain about a wrong measurement or call his food fake Chinese. You complainers need to be ashamed!!

  17. Heinrich Dethahal

    Hong Kong is part of China so this should be called 'Chinese Style Claypot Rice'.

  18. Hidden Truth's

    Call it soy sauce😂😂

  19. bharadwaj naik


  20. ayyachris

    Goes to a fancy restaurant, order a small round of cut beef topping with unknown sauce and with cilantro ontop. = $250

    Clay pot rice with rice, pork, sauce, eggs, with veggies = $10-$15

  21. محمد الهجر

    Idk why im watching this i dont eat pork

  22. farah t.salh



  23. YaBoyAmano XD

    Does he ever cook something without frying it?

  24. Chris NullNull

    The sound effects make the videos so much better!

  25. Raviteja Bhavirisetty

    The soy sauce used in this one video is more than the soy sauce I had in my whole life. 😆

  26. Stephan Strydom

    Iritating music

  27. Equinsu Ocha!

    That pork skin is probably like crack

  28. Đời Bất Công


  29. Joseph foreman

    I've never had Pork Belly is it good?

  30. Promothash Boruah

    Love Gahori 🐷😍👌

  31. Alvin Salazar

    When you want to eat breakfast but finish cooking after supper.

  32. Abhi A

    miam miam miam miam miam miam ……… droooooolinnnnng

  33. Mc

    I cant count how many time he puts soy sauce

  34. Nestor Ramos Delgadillo

    Exelente 👌👌👌👌 saludos

  35. Rina Ramli

    Pork je baru

  36. jdrobin1

    I used to live in China for a few years.. I enjoyed the food a lot while I was there.

  37. Kelly Star

    The music is reminiscent of ….stereotype

  38. martinsaul65

    Damn I'm right out of lotus leaves….

  39. Dare2 Disagree

    Deef frying and then boiling has to be the dumbest way to prepare food

  40. Zizi Zizi

    Super master klass ,,

  41. Liam Chapman

    Needs more gravey that mate.

  42. sasion X

    Cantonese style. Quite a popular meal in many Chinese cities.Though it should be best in Canto.

  43. Ricardo Algiler Llorca

    Guauu los ingredientes en castellano plis

  44. Hue Hue

    I love how versatile the wok is, is it possible to use one in a normal stove?

  45. The Wandering Struggler

    That looks amazingly delectable. I can only imagine the depth of flavor the pork has.

  46. Aolod Lerdon


  47. Aaron Smith

    They can't even keep there wrong measures consistent last vid an ounce weighed 20g this vid it's 30 but both are wrong it's 28

  48. John Christian Genova


  49. Arnab Saha

    John Zhang : Sir you are awesome.

  50. Do Nguyen

    Nay cái gì ông kung cho nước tương

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