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  1. Gregory Myres

    Tiananmen Square

  2. Tauii Takeda

    Anyone else hear Kimetsu No Yaiba?

  3. Jon Lock

    Sir, would you like some eggs with your oil

  4. æ dëprēssėdxts

    Meanwhile in gordon ramsay's home

    Gordon ramsay: watches video
    Gordon ramsay: sees there is only 1.7k dislikes
    Gordon ramsay: hmmmm DISGUSTANG!

  5. manny2fs

    I guess the yokes on us.

  6. Jan Emil Cruz

    Looks Dry AF

  7. ][000l][ll0l000] [lll-lll]

    1:13 – Egg shelf confirmed! So nice to see i'm not the only one who fucks that up!

  8. Ah Smell

    that is very unhealthy amount of oil

  9. Arianna Dagostino

    Everyone complaining about the amount of oil 🤷🏻‍♀️ it's not even that much and he used it three times. If you eat french fries at McDonalds there's way more oil used all day lmao

  10. Mizzy Cuzzy

    You called that yuck, unhealthy and names… Imagine if people said the same to your food whatever you are eating now..


  11. Pruthvi Raj Kanakala

    Forget about "silky eggs", this is a recipe for heart attack

  12. Born in Wales

    中华美食的博大精深 好疗愈啊 谢谢

  13. MrGhostman666

    I have cholesterol from just watching this..

  14. trickshotmonkey

    This guys is proper..
    No mercy for the prawns 🍤

  15. cycleclub.m

    görüntü güzel ama patron zarar da bir varil yağ kullandin amk…

  16. jiwan thakur

    How to show camera's quality

  17. Gerardo Garza García

    Fuckin hell…95% of comments are about deep frying. Love the jokes and sarcasm on some comments, but I’m afraid the rest of y’all are just plain ignorant.

    Apparently, y’all are being educated about Chinese cooking. Although not everything in China is fried, there is a different diet, starting with fats, then carbs, then protein. Unlike the western system (generalised) by proteins first, then carbs, then fats.

    Let’s get that out of our minds. And Chinese eating is a culture (eating habits, not the cuisine): many Chinese stay quite in healthy shape. I want some real Chinese food now, damn.

  18. PK Maserrat

    My cholesterol spiked up and almost caused a heart attack just by watching this.

  19. Mp Pink

    How to Make Perfect Egg ——-> now you get "krapow prawn"

  20. Sunnylee Watimar

    Main course is OIL 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  21. Sir Hyperion

    Wow so much oil. Ill pass.

  22. melon

    Whats this song called

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