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  1. sanjay sarup

    Please Government of India – show some Guts. Raise the issue of Xingiang and Hongkong at the UN. slap duties of Chinese goods. STOP appeasing China

  2. Neel Agrawalla

    Pakistan is the kept prostitute of China..as Pakistan sends girls to China..for this reason China plays double game just to fool Pakistan..But Pakistan is a God of liers & hypocrites..they can't live in truth..as long as the military overpower the pakistan .India is a land of tolerance..& pakistan is a land of terrorists & Jehadi..😂😂😂


    Modi is a 🐓Sucker

  4. The Whistle Blower

    We want Aksai chin back.

  5. Abhishek Tanwar

    Just one question 😂 why did you guys delete that cab driver's video ??
    Before uploading any video on any topic next time please do a correct check about the legitimacy of the video 😂😂 so that you don't have to delete it later 😂

  6. Shiza Tariq

    Give away the land that you can't take care of, already!

  7. Ratna Mani

    Gift from China for Modi giving Access to Huawei to India's 5G Space 😂🤣😂🤣

  8. Vihari Royal

    Didn't Modi just Surrender India's
    5G Spectrum to China…..😎✌

  9. balaji lakshmikumar

    Honourable Minister of External affairs Mr.Jaishankar Subramanian wil handle it correctly, Jai Jai shankar and Jai modi, Jai Amit sha… Jai hind

  10. sushain upadhyay

    we should raise atrocities committed on UIGHUR muslims as well and Hong Kong issue too

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