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  1. vaishnavi acharya

    Can anyone help in elaborating MSc health care infection management and career opportunities. Thank you in advance


    Please I am almost done with my bachelors in health education. Is it possible for me to have a masters in health care management and become a healthcare manager? Or I should become a registered nurse before getting a masters in health care management? Thanks

  3. Selon Sumbe

    Talking about associate degree program that can prepare you for entry in healthcare management, what do you mean when you say medical terminology?

  4. Priyanka Sharma

    Hi Mami am bsc nursing graduate with 75prcent ..I want to apply for MBA Hospital management in Germany or France… is it possible… if yes plz guide me with procedure and requirements
    I will be very thankful😊

  5. Philip john

    Health care management and administration is same?

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