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  1. Marianne Pompa

    China is no longer from yesterday. Shkval torbedos … are very good for ships and submarine

  2. George Benetos

    Safe bet that there's at least 1 U.S. sub off the coast of ANY country that's a threat or adversary of the U.S. at
    any given time. And those countries know that. China, Russia, North Korea and others are well aware of our capabilities. So much of their boasts are just saber rattling and political baiting games that the idiots in our government believe and use as war mongering propaganda. Any military action from any of those countries would result in an immediate and catastrophic counter strike for them. VOTE BLUE in 2020! ✌🇺🇸

  3. Otto Jakle

    If China want to steal intelligence from America than I would advice not to look here for.

  4. D M


  5. mrromantimothy

    TriNet Life's Too threatened at war with China will include rushing but Russia does not like them either

  6. mrromantimothy

    China's copycat Jets don't develop enough thrust and crash killing all its best Pilots it's created a severe pilot shortage in China

  7. Chương Lê

    I hope America can control the china at south china sea. Control them stay input

  8. nic Jarhead

    Just drop a MOAB on it. Destroy the carrier and all the aircraft on it.

  9. marvelv212

    so many MAGA trailer parks

  10. marvelv212

    US has no chance against China in East Asia region.

  11. MyImList

    Why worry about it? Chinese toys break 2 minutes after you take them out of the package. hehe
    Just kidding….(sort of)

  12. MyImList

    I don't mind robot voices as long as they are good and easy to understand, this one is not.

  13. Vernon Von Catane

    China say we dont want WAR why BUILD weaolponary on west PHILIPPINES sea damn you watch out U.S before you do bad things!!

  14. Vernon Von Catane

    CHINA know your limits and watch this Weapon of mass of destruction dont mess with the boss.

  15. Orathai Freby

    Phone company from them dear

  16. Orathai Freby

    My friends this phone not freedom because them put Snooze notification inside your kip video all the times every lips them do black colours every where

  17. Steven Quinlan

    Well give America another two three years and the blue water fleet will be more evenly matched with missile seeing how America abided by the treaty with Russia but Russia didn't abide by the treaty and that's how Russia has more advance systems today. Like I said with president Trump, America will close that gap for sure, especially if he gets reelected.

  18. Michael Edwards

    All we need to do is take a few of those container ships and fill it with intermediate range missiles and a few SAMs. Park it within range. And if the Chinese government feel froggy, let them jump.

  19. Orathai Freby

    You know who send me in my Facebook me Orathai Freby my name Monday my birthday and also nice to see sir yes sir how are you my dear friends Marine's Soldier's USA people's Thanks again sir yes sir

  20. Bai Chen

    we also have many ways to sink the us ships

  21. Dm Ruaya

    There is no absolute in war

  22. john walker

    China knows if it starts this we will put them back to the stone age!

  23. Shawn Calligan

    Love the military. It is awsome but GET RID OF THE ROBO VOICE IT SUCKS!

  24. jhayo alonzo

    hellow America Im from Philippines please Help as All the filipinoes for China. weee need back a terotory from me

  25. Ken Bray

    I personally don't argue with people who hate and constantly talk shit about the United States ! Most are just trolls and others are just ignorant and brainwashed, all the shit talk doesn't mean they're right. I'm a United States Marine and I know what we are capable of and believe me when I say this they don't wanna find out how powerful we are ! We don't talk about all our capabilities because that's just stupid, never let the enemy know your strategy, what weapons you have, we The United States Are By Far the Most Powerful Military In The World ! GySgt Bray 1st Marine Recon Amphibious Assault Unit Bravo Company. USMC 🇺🇸

  26. Chillbanter

    American once again ready to depopulate other nations

  27. Tom Lipshits

    There is a big difference in firing at a target from a thousand miles away and hitting your target from a thousand miles away just saying

  28. Charlie K

    Chinese aircraft carriers?
    How many carriers does PRC actually have?

  29. Zeek M

    Plagues will come upon China.

  30. Sean Myers

    Wait till they find out we get help from E.Ts

  31. Sean Myers

    Can I ask why would you want anyone but our military to know this ? Fake news and treasonous


    Everybody feels the tension created buy our leaders of all races and cultures heading for war, that seems to be coming I hope I'm wrong.wrong.

  33. ItsGlenn83

    Just give it a LITTLE TIME. like everything else made in China it'll just break because it's made in China.

  34. C Siletz Benton

    This one's for you Uncle Walter. Thank you for the way you carried that mug with that hand hinge that your sister never thought would get you anywhere — but it made my memory.

  35. Leslie Grayson

    6 months it would take for the US and Allies to Land in China and seize Government. Surrender of the western provinces would be immediate as soon as India noticed that the US was moving in … A chinese student said online that 70% of China have no phones, TV, internet and don't like the Government and would welcome India and that only the party members/army would put up a fight… and that would last ..6 months. The US could effectively have 6 – 7 ships firing at positions continually as Aircraft carriers sent in planes and destroyed incoming rockets Whilst the other ships went back to guam or Japan or the US or MID way or Australia to rearm and get a hamburger then come back for their turn… yes it might get bloody and messy as China tried to use all 270 of its cruise nukes to take out carriers etc… but they can be detected rather quickly on satellite and long range Radar based in every surrounding US. Allied country… its literally China vs the world… and China has 5 pieces and the rest pawns and the US has all Queens and has its buddies with thousands of pieces to makes sure the job is done…..

  36. Leslie Grayson

    "Probably" go USA way, in open water LOL ROFLOL LOL LOL Two Pacific Fleets both bigger than the Chinese fleet, two thirds of Chinas fleet land locked to South Korea and JAPAN area because they have a larger MODERN fleet together by themselves…. let alone the US coming in and stripping any possible advantage China might have with either one of their Monstrous PACIFIC FLEETS… having missiles means nothing if they cant get through or they are extremely ineffective even if they do hit…

  37. Leslie Grayson

    Russian KGB19 85% of all MODERN Military arms are owned by the US and its Allies. Whilst Russia has the same amount of Nukes as US, Russia's people and president has made a smart choice and helped promote peace by reducing its budget. it is funny that Russian techs helped make the fat man trump president lol… it is good that Russia has helped the US keep on its toes though… 🙂 they need to stay on their toes even in peace time 🙂 we cant have fat policemen… China is no threat but I see a problem with them and India unless China gives up Communism when their fat leader dies…
    SPACE needs to be our focus Russia, Australian, US, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, UK, India, Canada and even NewZealand – this is funny to any Australian to ad them it is like the USSR putting MOLDOVA at the end 🙂 except Moldova actually has history of saving the known world .. 🙂

  38. strmclouds strmclouds

    China cannot deal with the USN period.

  39. Bill Otto

    Not if we shower your "islands" with submarine launched cruise missiles ! America has never been the aggressor nation, but when provoked we're known to launch a can of whoop ass nobody has been able to handle yet.

  40. R Dm

    wait, they'll break down,just like the "GREAT" walmart quality products they've convinced the us consumer to waste their hard earned money on. Boycott,tax and infringe on their economy until they can't afford to build any of the "toys of war" they've stolen or been given the plans to(thanks hillary) in the future. Kinda hard to have a ten million man army with no equipment or food.

  41. PeterDad60

    So America's Ocean going fleet could isolate China and end China's prosperity. Make it so!



  43. M M

    Chinese naval & air power, scary “PAPER TIGER “

  44. The Joker

    China: :HO HO HO now we can sink your carriers what now America!!!!
    USA: (Send the Sub Fleet)
    China: "CHEATER!!!!"

  45. P. F. Fear

    The first Chinese missile fired at an American warship would find china covered with ICBM's from one end to another……

  46. Anton Awal

    In facing chinese DF-20, all carriers 1000NM from china must utilize vertical take-off planes so that when DF-20 has been noted to have been fired in the direction of US Carrier all vertical take-off planes must take-off to defend the carrier and be free from DF-20 attack on the carrier, plus built-in defensive weapons such as laser and electro-magnetic rail gun. Possible command control must be targeted by firing electro-magnetic missile to jam all their communications and control.

  47. Ramon Arellano

    china has only two aircraft carriers, the second one is still in the making.

  48. Cassandra Lopes

    not long from now …you'll received DF 26 PLUS DF41 TO STOP YOUR ARROGAnce!

  49. Chris Rinaldi

    The B2, B1, B52 and soon B21 have a much longer range. All can deploy long range, stealthy cruise missiles and 3 out of 4 can deploy nuclear weapons. China has no answer for our subs either, 2 SSGN and 2 Attack subs could deploy, undetected, 350 cruise missiles. Enough to take out missile bases, most navy vessels, ports and islands. After that China wouldn’t have any defense against our carriers and their assets. Four, four fighter groups of F22s could put a serious beat down on China’s Air Force. China has no answer for our subs and stealth fighter/bombers, PERIOD!!!

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