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  1. Gina P

    My church sucks

  2. NL Productions

    Would question if he was a real Christian

  3. Soldier of Jesus Christ

    That's because the mega church belongs to Satan NOT YHWH

  4. Ann D.H.

    Suicide is so selfish. Only people who suffer are family and friends

  5. Luis Andrade

    Im sorry but God always gives you a way out He promises to. He gave up on His church and more importantly his family God always gives us a way out ok never forget that i dont care if you say have you ever been there Jesus is enough. He lost the battle to depression and thats so sad and so unfortunate but no one has to go that way. You really want to die as a martyr for Christ go take a trip to china and Preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified where its illegal open air and i can almost guarantee you will die as a martyr and not suicide go to Syria or iran muslim country and preach Jesus Christ and i can also almost guarantee you will die as a martyr but do not say that this man died as a martyr i respect him for what He did as a proffesed christian pastor but lets get it straight he died as a man who could not trust God enough to bring him through as a man that unfortunately didnt believe Jesus was enough for him yet taught people that Jesus is enough for them has to be enough. But Jesus was not enough for him. I didnt know him personally and am not aware of all details but i will say satan desires to sift you like weat and he did. And he will the question is not is Christ enough the truth is because Christ was enough we dont have to go out that way the deamon battled against was much more powerful than his faith in Christ. That cant not be folks Christ is our hope and our only way out of any depression or anxiety or suicidal thoughts. But i think the question should be what is the word of God to us. Unfortunately even if it hurts i must say this is a down right apostasy. If the Christ was not enough then what is if you look upon the Lord and you turn from His Glorious light and seeing Christ crucified on the cross and you turn from Him there is no longer a sacrifice for sin folks but only a fear of judgement you are seeing a great apostasy and we are right in it and that is where the church is believe me. And beleieve me its sad i feel for this man but hes gone now. What about his family? He left his son and wife to bear with the loss what a shame and then the questions why did he do it why did he not turn to the leadership or the elders for help? But you see these things must happen as the scriptures declare we are heading into a great apostasy that has been happening for some time now. So why? Why do it? Because He did not count the cost? Maybe. But folks lets not put this on God or the bible because God is enough. yes he is. But you see i always for some reason believe either through being a part of prison ministries or just simply dealing with people that someone who is suicidal is dealing with something that they cannot forgive themselves for or feel they cannot for some reason get past that situation in there life and in most cases that is the case the death of a loved one a lost relationship and let me make this clear it is demonic satan is trying to destroy and he will Jesus said satan does not come but to steal kill and destroy but i have come that they may have life and have it in abundance. Jesus Christ is more than enough.

  6. Jade McGowen

    My God Keep this family 🌟

  7. Team Serious

    People & Preachers with mental illness & depression all around the world…. Never Suicide. Always pray to God & fight no matter what happens. Even if you are weak & feel hopeless. Always Pray & Fight. Never Give Up. Just Never Give Up & be Strong. I wish & pray that every psychiatry & psychology all around the world will be free. No more pay. Just keep holding on & keep fighting.


    Suice is a sin lying is a sin… Suicide and lying are equal…

    God knows everything… The darkness who make him do that will pay..

  9. Janel Sara

    Suicidal is not only demonic, but selfish, and abusive to those left behind.

  10. Wilma Swanepoel

    People you need to go for deliverance….every one need deliverance…it could be a generational curse.

  11. Specialk 007

    I'm having a hard time understanding this one.Since suicide prevention was his specialty. He was the pastor that Justin B. Went to and hung out with when he was depressed and suicidal. Then the guy who talked so many people off the ledge takes his own life….?????

  12. Robin AKa McAdam

    Psalm 34:18 King James Version (KJV)
    18 The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.

  13. Rendy Gypsy

    Rest in hell

  14. Natalie Bartram

    Suicide is sin.

  15. Glutamate Sulphate

    Religion helps no one when man is in deep suffering and pain!

  16. MrArtist1971

  17. Lady Scarface

    Mega churches = satan
    Profit for money is not Gods way and the wife says hes no longer in pain but according to their religion he is burning in hell fire.

  18. Jumping bean

    So sad… depression is a nasty beast

  19. Himy Nameis

    So terribly sad

  20. MrArtist1971

    The dude is roasting.

  21. petra carmon

    Poor soul…. Thats why churches shall tell us its OK to take meds.

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