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  1. Super Nicktendo 64

    It's pretty ironic, I love the song "I can't beat Airman" but whenever I play MM2, I always start with him.

  2. Likebot

    (i cant spell xD)

  3. Janus

    i can defeat air man…on normal mode

  4. darezzi

    Interestingly enough, that's why he's the easiest boss to beat. I literally just rammed him with the buster, jumping when I get the chance. He is so spammable, it's sad. And I'm not even talking about normal mode.

  5. Leviathan Mist

    Actually, her name is Manami Matsumae, the same composer from the original Mega Man.

  6. Yanna

    The pun

  7. Yanna

    Ouch that hurt

  8. Stormeagle 360

    this stage is harder than the actual boss

  9. V mike

    another word for that is rockstar

  10. Hambali Junaidie Hamdan

    if not mistaken it was a woman who composed most of the soundtrack. yeah, i was mindblown, too…

  11. tyler225905

    @Evilguy951 bad pun alert LOL

  12. censored1080

    so cool, can you upload the music on the opening screen
    that would be AWESOME

  13. Youtube Dota Psychologist

    @Evilguy951 Sucks to be you.

  14. Thomotron


  15. Nessthegreat

    YARANAIK- oh, wait, this isn't Crash Man! Where the hell am I…

  16. davidevgen

    @Evilguy951 lol sorry 😛 i could not resist

  17. davidevgen

    @Evilguy951 yeah he a real "Mr. hurricane" lol

  18. blaster824

    I still dont get my ppl think he's the hardest to beat, I beat all 8 master chronologically clockwise with ease

  19. Shadow51423

    item two is all i need to find and it would be so much easier to beat this level but every time somehow but eveytime somehow but every time YOU LOSE! you cant defeat airman! (if you know what thats from congrats, your a nerd)

  20. Press A

    Blow all you want my leaf shield repels you.
    So blow me phony your whole acts baloni
    You dont even pose a threat I'm not frettin' it homie!

  21. Utimate Victory

    Nope, still can't beat him.

  22. Joms Farn

    @Riah8426 DnB FOR LIFE

  23. Dextroyfuller

    He can't be beaten.

  24. Riah8426

    @SolidSnake283 um… thats duane and brando

  25. Pilkingtong

    @BlondiePa0 i still love it

  26. Devsguy

    Up in the sky, TEN MILES HIGH, a man stands above the city he will destroy. Built with airplane parts, his propeller spins as he thinks to himself "I will destroy these people."

  27. MrTuffinMuffin

    this song haunts me

  28. Masterhuffnpuff

    @eddylugia Nope 🙂

  29. airmansuper1

    i had no idea 8 bit was so trolling!!!

  30. N93 Barker

    @chaos0205 true. nothing beats the original 8-bit track. check out WillRock07 's channel. he has some amazing remixes. cheers

  31. Pache

    @JADyutube But he really, REALLY screw it up in the lyrics.

  32. theyeti101101

    Who knew it was possible to cram this much awesome into an 8-bit song?

  33. Cine Martin

    my favourite part 0:35

  34. supernikopbelic

    @GunerzPGBC no this is MM2 (i know, its a bad pun but u kinda asked for it)

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