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  1. Jesse Serafim de Lima

    megaman forever – vs quick man

  2. Eric Lehman

    When I get called into my boss's music for a complaint this is what I want to hear. LOL

  3. Braedyn Hausmann

    This is the best music of video game mankind i wish it was on Itunes lol

  4. Chackal

    You can call me rock, cuz i'll be rockin' ur shitz

  5. DemiGreyPup

    yeah he became that damn yaoi boy everybody loves (who cares who lad)

  6. BM03

    Guess what I just put as my Ringtone?

    Too bad I'll never answer a call again, I ain't interrupting this badass motherfucker.

  7. Ich Bins

    THUMBS UP for the FIRST 2 COMMENTS to shut the Fuck Up.! 🙂

  8. MadCartoonist

    MMPU2 needs to freakin happen.

  9. Super Hiro

    I think I actually like this theme better when the life bar fills up at the beginning in the actual game. Wish I could find that online…

  10. WoWfan924

    @Darkowth not

  11. ShiraZen

    This is the best mega man theme in the WHOLE SERIES!~!

  12. linkiinRoach

    This Music in "I Wanna Be The Guy"

  13. pikachuofarctic

    Make it longer

  14. Aaron Olson

    you could make a kickass ringtone out of every song in this game.

  15. tmirooo

    @j24800 apperantley these two played iwbtg and know how hard it is to kill a boss 20x bigger than and can rape u with 1 hit

  16. TrueBlueSonic20001

    Thumbs up if you think Megaman music PWNs all modern music!

  17. Tom Ado

    my favorite part is the dudududu when the boss' life stocks up. :3

  18. Chimichanga Suprvme

    WTF YER AN ALEIN?! you gotta be kiddin me

  19. gruntora

    @MasterTonberryV1 Nintendo already has Sonic in their SSB roster since Sega is a third-party company and they paid them a decent sum. They can probably get Mega Man in their roster as well if they pay Capcom enough.

  20. Fitzgerald T


    That'd take a hell lot of budget. You're about to collide with multiple companies.

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