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  1. fun deather

    Buena,pero muy corta

  2. Freakles

    Those disappearing blocks made me really angry. I guess you could say I was feeling… A burning rage? hahahahahahHahahahhahaAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

  3. Fabrice D*

    I wish you could play the game with Megaman without the helmet and his hair floating about

  4. Janus

    I actually didnt know

  5. GravianS

    It's a type of lighter. How do you not know what a Zippo is?

  6. Janus

    whats a zippo

  7. sgtgreenthumb

    i enjoy your joke….but he was supposed to be a zippo

  8. Pablocuchis

    PUUUU, PUUUU, PUUU, I Hate this blocks!!!

  9. Shoe chedelic

    oh heatman, why did you have to live in an old big mac box?

  10. Wyatt Kunzelman

    To avoid the references… DO A BARREL ROLL.

  11. Dodgerfn5

    Probably the shortest theme of any Mega Man ever.

  12. The_L

    OVER 9000

  13. Pache

    @KonaKonaKaabisteru "Man on fire" by The Megas can fix that.

  14. IndyCotton

    Guys, try to listen the Hyadain remix.

    Ya are never going to look Heatman at the same way again…

  15. Press A

    @teeman9266 those were made….. I have one.

  16. Nicolas Richard

    this track is as hard to play on guitar as that part with the vanishing blocks and lava
    but oooh so fun to play thank you Alph Lyla.& all those cool nes tracker freelancers

  17. Aaron Olson

    @VideoGamePhenomHD Don't fly too low! Your ship can't take it!

  18. ServbotSpy

    @marxandkirbyrocks thx Captain Obvious

  19. T-Man

    I would love a Heatman Zippo lighter

  20. Devsguy

    Heat Man: He's got more hot than a cow has moo.

  21. ServbotSpy

    If he's a lighter, then what's that belly button jewel for?

  22. Marigio300X

    @iszalgocomin some band that is obsessed with turning characters into gays.

  23. Dinner-fork tongue


    I always thought he looked like an oven, to be honest…

  24. Sammy Lane

    Shit!You'll had some hard as hell games back in the day,huh??I tried to play this one on CAPCOMS GREATEST HITS COLLECTION and it took me a freaking 6 weeks to beat all of MEGA MANS games!!Best song is the intro for MEGA MAN 2!!I have it as a ring tone,lol!!

  25. SirSomeguy

    I still can't believe that I JUST realized that Heat Man is designed after a lighter. I was an idiot when I was little -_-

  26. Chimichanga Suprvme


  27. T-Man

    doooOOO doooOOO doooOOOO…doooOOO doooOOO doooOOOO

  28. Yacht People

    It's sad that one of Wily's Robot Masters had to resort to living in a box.

    The recession is terrible, I tell you.

  29. TGH

    …..That's it. I'm remixing this.

  30. Magenta Crayons

    4 People couldn't make it past the disappearing blocks.

  31. JRock0085


  32. Snerd

    you get past the floating blocks, and you wonder HOW THE F%$K DID I DO THAT. then you go to fight him and you think, "if the stage was this hard, he must be impossible." then you're disapointed by the 2nd easiest boss in the game

  33. Chimichanga Suprvme


  34. davidevgen

    @DrTacoSurgeonAtLaw i used item 2 to skip those blasted platforms!

  35. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo

    @GrimsFedora It was obvious, lol

  36. AronFigaro

    @Rasamune Awesomely, as we can see now.

  37. scatzilla99


  38. TheKillingJoke14

    USE ITEM-2!

  39. Rich A

    *makes disappearing platform noise*

  40. Alexander

    good old, wait…BAD old memories.
    Dissapearing platforms x.x

  41. Just Monika

    I almost beat the blocks. Then that one block appeared and killed me. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

  42. LongDistant Zoroark

    @DrTacoSurgeonAtLaw *curse word interuppted by death of Megaman due to disappearing platform*

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