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  1. KBN


  2. Centaur Man

    This is the only good song from this train wreck of a game

  3. FUTURE10S


  4. PieBathBob

    good wood

  5. Kingjake41


  6. Benjamin Schroeder

    But where are the clapping hands?

  7. Ron -Kun


  8. tdark987

    This is practically a remix of Dr Wily stage 2

  9. blshtry1

    May be mai fav cause I played it more than any level.

  10. Frijolero18

    I swear everytime I look up a Mega Man boss theme on Youtube, I get results for nasty mutated people with the name as the boss. So remember kids, be ready to cringe or puke whenever you search for Mega Man music.

  11. Pokepen

    I'm Feeling Kirby…

  12. Randakk

    not as "hard" as Hard Man

  13. Renan Melo

    Hey there freak, these freakin' woods are mine.
    The name's wood man, have some freaking leaves and vines.

  14. Loomr

    Flash Man has been showing off and scaring the local girls again while Heat Man's wife can never seem to be satisfied.

  15. Ptolemy

    Damn those giant fire dogs!

  16. Jason Allen

    You may ask yourself, "How can wood get so hard?"

  17. K.T Taylor

    Uhuhuhuh. Wood. Uhuhuh.

  18. link5205

    he's as hard as… WOOD !!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  19. shadowmanwily

    @kbd668 but rots

  20. Pache

    I don't beleaf you.

  21. xPokemonPlayerx


  22. PersonThing

    If ur a perv ull search woodman on Google images.

  23. M Bison


    I Lol'd

  24. tyler225905


  25. tyler225905

    @IslandofPen huh huh hard LOL

  26. tyler225905

    @bejbikiler huh huh wood LOL

  27. tyler225905

    @Demonwave5434 LOL

  28. M Bison


    it was funny, you just have the same sense of humor a rock would have.

  29. YoshiShell

    Woodman must be hard to beat….

  30. Killergoat72

    @trannforsmers pretty difficult, unless you have metal blades.

  31. Lupin Rebellier Mason

    Wood Man: Got Wood?

  32. tyler225905

    @trannforsmers oh ha ha ha!, very funny (sarcastic)

  33. TheJrv2damac

    I want Wood Man's helmet.

  34. H.Brandt

    Mega man goes power metal.

  35. elkiquej

    I couldn't take this tune out of my mind back when I first played this game… oh, wait, I guess I wont take it out of my mind the whole day… catchy tune.

  36. Chamillionare64

    Leaf Shield is cool and all, but I'm pretty sure Megaman was waiting for a LARGER reward power-up.

  37. Jesse Owens

    woodman always has epic (and embarrasing) mornings!
    *oh come on, i had to say it*

  38. davidevgen

    @IHateMovieCrap that almost funny cause it used to make me think of peter pan XD

  39. davidevgen

    @trannforsmers * lights match* ehh not too hard lol

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