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  1. Kahran042

    A confession: For the longest time, I thought Gemini Man had a beak, based on his portrait.

  2. 123fendas2

    I really like the start, but the rest sucks.

  3. WindYoshi

    Yes Gemini is sneaky. Please be careful.

  4. BMTSoulja1

    There's several megaman songs that have a very epic part and this is one of them at 0:45. Cant stop listening to these old mm songs. Takes me back to my childhood.

  5. DutyFreeProductions

    Gemini, The stars are out tonight~

  6. ApBlakk


  7. WhoNeedsKnow


  8. Mike Essa

    Who else thought Gemini Man had a beak?

  9. Ekksu

    Meh, different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  10. shadowmanwily

    Oh well. Some people are gross

  11. Ekksu

    "If it exists, there is porn of it. No exception." No exceptions means no exceptions. It can be one person's squick,but another person's kink. All guesses on the person. I mean, I ship 'em, but that doesn't mean everyone else has to >.>

  12. shadowmanwily


  13. shadowmanwily

    fuck rule 34. i think should only come into play when HUMANS are involved. geez

  14. Ekksu

    Rule 34.

  15. TheLurker

    Did you read my mind? XDDD

  16. shadowmanwily

    can some explain how being afraid of snakes means you like to have sex with them?

  17. Fantastic Wu

    This my all time favorite Mega Man song. I get chills hearing it very time.

  18. Tetsujin

    @SirSomeguy Your love life will run into trouble when your fiance hurls a javelin through your chest…

  19. ProgInternetExplorer

    The good thing with Megaman is we replay to it while some moments of the life (5 years, 13 years, 15 years, 19 years, etc..)

  20. norfairaffair

    @LD75network I agree, Shadow Man had the hardest stage and the worst music… but he was easy to beat as long as you used the Top Spin… Which in my opinion had the best level music in the game… next to Gemini Man and Spark Man

  21. William Woxblom

    I thought Shadowman's level was one of the easiest.

  22. Dodgerfn5

    Those darn penguins shooting the eggs reminds me of this song.

  23. Laurelindo

    My first experience with this boss was basically this:
    I saw this completely normal-looking image of him in the menu, his completely normal jump into the center of the screen, his very normal introduction before the boss fight, and then suddenly – there comes another Gemini Man!
    I was like "wtf?!".

  24. Vox Nihili

    Turns out this was composed by Harumi Fujita, who was the original composer of MM3 before she went into labor and her husband (Yasuaki Fujita) took over.

    The other two tracks she did were Needle Man and a part of Staff Roll.

  25. chaseman94

    @AgentOrange502 Yeah. Maybe I should've said thumbs up if your astrologial sign is Gemini for those that didn't know what I was talking about.

  26. Brandon G

    @chaseman94 psssh i know what you mean, but im saying most people wouldn't know. lol the first person who came into my head when i read your comment was my dad. reasons are too obvious to explain why.

  27. chaseman94

    @AgentOrange502 I mean your horoscope sign.

  28. Brandon G

    @hobogamer81 whats wrong with being gay?

  29. Brandon G

    @chaseman94 most people wouldn't understand what you mean.

  30. T-Man


    the wikia, but it can never be 100% correct

  31. Ricky Cruz

    @teeman9266 Where did you hear that he was made by Right?

  32. T-Man


    Uhm, i thought he was a combat robot made by both Wily and Right?

  33. Chimichanga Suprvme

    @0503892811 y?

  34. chaseman94

    thumbs up if you're a Gemini!!

  35. Ricky Cruz

    Robot Master Bios: Entry 3-3
    Original Job: Fortress Guard
    Bio: Wily made a 2-in-1 robot to prevent Mega Man from entering his fortress by running around and confusing him. They might have stayed if they had Quick Man's speed, but they left the regular enemies to be the guards. They captured Toad Man, the original boss of the stage, and took over his post, Wily never hearing about it until after his own defeat. Fortunately, lasers work better on Needle Man than a stupid thunderstorm.

  36. 0503892811

    first…………………….. to dislike

  37. Muse of the Market

    Ironically, this would have made the Homestuck track "The La2t Frontier" (Sollux's theme) worse.

  38. Chimichanga Suprvme

    @ZPokemonfanA GM1: Gemini GM2:Mannn

  39. Bro Bropherson

    SNAKE MAN: hey gemini man whats your horoscope. GEMEINI MAN: …………virgo

  40. SirSomeguy

    "You will be able to overcome any obstacle if you work together with a friend" …Huh? Ironic.

  41. Chimichanga Suprvme

    well i'm a leo

  42. Daniel Learmouth

    @Luigithehomie91 What about Taurus Man?

  43. T-Man

    You get: mirrior!

  44. Zeeno the Inventor

    lol… Hard man… 😛

  45. Yacht People

    Gemini Man: Prepare for trouble!
    Gemini Man: Make it double!

  46. kingGosuto

    I found out i'm a gemini,

    *this song plays for now reason*

    thank you for making my sadness more festive, i wanna stay a super badass crab.. D:

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