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  1. DJCandyManMike

    Not just the disappearing ones either. Never will I forget the aggravation that is going right through the propeller platforms while flashing after getting shot.

  2. Skittle RMX

    Even worse in Heat Man's stage in Megaman 2

  3. SefirotGamer

    Hahahaha, good music, megaman best soundtrack ever 😀

  4. Ellie Mäkelä

    emm for me it just really is to turn the volume off, and count the tempo of the disappearing platforms to get it right.
    it isn't THAT hard… :T

  5. bombergal1

    All I can hear with this level are those fricking disappearing platforms "dooo dooo dooo…" etc.

  6. Poison Ghost

    christmas music!

  7. Dodgerfn5

    Iceman was probably the pimp to the Ice Climbers.

  8. Xenoforge78

    Am I the only one that used that platform weapon to create platforms and jump out instead of using the disappering platforms?

  9. lemur918

    @alexgrazo I got through it but i still cant reach gutsman

  10. Falx_

    The worst thing about this stage was when you finally worked out how to jump on those disappearing platforms and got past those fucking penguins, you got your ass handed to you by Iceman. Never before have I hated a little sprite so much

  11. Hamsteere Nonofyabiznis

    Cool story bro

  12. Chimichanga Suprvme

    "There's something dangerouse up ahead sir!"
    "Oh? Freeze it at all costs soldier!"

  13. NextEevolution

    To ICEMAN,
    I hope you burn with your disappearing and shooting platforms,
    Megaman's 30th Lif—
    *Dies* >:[

  14. nypad5

    classic theme. I love the build up right at :14 And this just suits an ice level so well!

  15. TheMoi

    @gambit7775 The Iceman fucking cometh!

  16. Bartonar

    he COMETH!

  17. NatosakeYamoto

    Agreed…The "Magic Blocks" in original MegaMan are not as bad as the ones found in II and III. It was those damn Foot Holder enemies you had to use to cross that stupid ass gap near the end. Of course, they had to throw in Pengs too. T_T

    And sliding on ice didn't help either, especially when you had a bunch of floating heads coming after your ass.. xD

  18. Adam Reed

    @alexgrazo I know right? It isn't any easier with the cramped NES controller lol

  19. CosmoBuggi

    He was also in X-Men: Children of the Atom, also by capcom, only he had a different appearance.

  20. Jose Gaucin

    that stage was easy, all of part 1 is easy,the last level was the hardest to me.

  21. Yacht People

    The disappearing blocks weren't that hard for me. What fucked me over were those damn FLOATING PLATFORMS. You get hit by ANYTHING, and you fall right through? What kind of platform is that?

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