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  1. serge3441

    why this theme is never included on peoples' top 10-20 lists is mind boggling…

  2. DoubleATam

    0:44 sounds like a Stage Select theme. I don't know why, I always remember this song for that. And for being a generally awesome track.

  3. ImmaKlonoa

    Me being chased by Saxton Hale 😐

  4. LugiaMagic

    They don't look a like XD

  5. Arc13

    Trottin in the background.

  6. Zemorroida Given

    @TrucchiEGlitchItalia Yup. When I played Megaman Next I notice the similarities.

  7. TheBlackStar999

    Hey, It's Native American Man!

  8. JoltJolteon


  9. 4000Kelvin

    @type87randomXD só tem cacique no camarote

  10. 4000Kelvin

    @1442Guimian remexa essa cidade, atras da cinderela

  11. 1442Guimian

    E isso está virando um ponto, um ponto de parada.

  12. panch0bill


  13. panch0bill

    best robot master song since mega man 3

  14. NeoArashi

    @Nekokidd I agree with you, but let me remind you that the Robot masters aren't villains in this game.

  15. 07ortonja

    @123SpacemanSpiff True…2 does have some epic music, but i think that music wise and on the whole as a game, i prefer 6. 2 does come a very, very close second though. And don't forget Wily Stage 1 either. That song is the king of all Megaman music.

  16. SuperNormalMan

    Ahh, Megaman 6. The very first Megaman game I ever played. I can't believe I almost missed out on the NES Megaman games..

  17. 07ortonja

    …And this is why 6 has the best music.

  18. NeonHologram666

    why cant someone make a GOOD remix of this song!!!

  19. Frankxx87

    tomahawk man a real american

  20. FretsawOrion

    Tomahawk man.
    Tomahawk man.
    Tomahawk man hates Triangle man.
    They had a fight. Tomahawk wins.
    Violent man… Tomahawk man.

  21. animegamingdude

    I love this theme. It's my most favorite robot master theme in the whole game.

  22. Tankvich

    YOU GET:

  23. Yacht People

    Damn you, Westward Expansion Man!

  24. NatosakeYamoto

    Who agrees with me that Capcom needs to make another western themed MM stage? >=D Thumbs Up if you agree.

  25. Dakathi66

    @Nekokidd No no you are not.

  26. Camposkpo

    @Nekokidd we all do >.<

  27. AwayAWAY

    Tomahawk Man's worst enemy: Commando Man

  28. Domsquid700

    @Nekokidd nope your not alone there mate 🙂

  29. dracel10

    @Nekokidd no you're not! this should be mega mans theme

  30. CosmoBuggi

    0:13, after thinking about it sounds like a part off of evanesence's Wake Me Up.

  31. Poisonnachos

    @Poisonnachos Centuarman: Glrlrlrlr
    Plantman:Who're you lookin' at.
    Windman:Brrrrr, Nnnnmmmmmm!

  32. Poisonnachos

    Yamatoman:HI IM YAMATO MAN
    Blizzardman:Oh, hi.
    I give up.

    Lol, that was in order of the robot masters in the pic.

  33. MDthornton83

    Tomahawk Man: Blue warrior, you are not welcomed upon land! Me scalp you!

  34. MastaGambit

    @Nekokidd Probably because they were simply participating in a tournament. Of course idk.

  35. jieuxx

    @ILOVETODANCELOL Just wait til Totem Woman gets created…*throws Totem Face*

  36. Gydross

    This song is, IMO, the best one on the entire soundtrack.

  37. Alejandro

    Oh wait, wrong game…

  38. CamusTheDark


    Actually, it's said he is from Russia, not Canada.

    Blizzard Man – Russia
    Wind Man – China
    Flame Man – Saudi Arabia
    Plant Man – Brazil
    Tomahawk Man – United States
    Yamato Man – Japan
    Knight Man – England/Great Britain
    Centaur Man – Greece

  39. vagrantlibertine

    @Nekokidd nope

  40. snakeisabouttoblow

    Tomahawk man is the future. Megaman is not.

  41. Michael Magpatoc

    @RobotwarsKing Blizzard Man from Canada

  42. Michael Magpatoc

    @RobotwarsKing Blizzard Man from Canada

  43. Andres Golindano

    haha, street fighter… T. Hawk RULES!!!

  44. RobotwarsKing

    Oh…now that you mention it, I did notice the pun!

    It wasn't intended, though. Sorry.

  45. RobotwarsKing

    Actually, I think Blizzard Man hailed from Russia.

  46. kindvideo2

    I could totally do an American Indian dance to this…

  47. MarinaNeslen

    True, but the heroic theme makes it sound a lot more western so it fits perfectly

  48. Shad G

    Tomahawk Man = T. Hawk in the future.

  49. Astaroth42

    Buster-dueling this boss is extremely fun. Same goes for Yamatoman.

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