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  1. Vanya Ivanov

    Ебанутые ролики.

  2. Vibol Bv165


  3. Roxan Cruz

    What is the song at 2:39?? please can someone tell me

  4. Porcaraz Luci

    Love i

  5. humberto vasquez

    1.31 ???

  6. humberto vasquez

    name song 0.05 min ???

  7. bag guy


  8. bag guy

    1:07 my 스타일

  9. Anahi Quisoe

    3:03 song?

  10. Sara Lee Ray

    2:35 What is the name of the song??

  11. Minh Le Minh

    Woa họ đẹp tuyệt trần. chân dài nước nào mà xinh thế

  12. Roxana Stoica

    2:33 music name pls

  13. Trillock 1945

    These girls are skinny, and appear tall, but very pretty, feminine and cute and adorable like kittens.
    I notice no blubber lips, 4 inch thick makeup, eye brows painted on with a 1 inch paint brush, just a very small amount, of makeup, no fake boobs and bums, and no over bright fake hollywood teeth, just their natural ones.

  14. m i y o n i

    4:36 song pleeeeeease🌼🌙

  15. Long Ca

    Đm sao chân tụi nó dài thế nhỉ? 🙃

  16. Anup Khadsare

    What is the name of that song/instrumental which is started at 4.40 minutes, it sounds good, waiting for your reply

  17. Effeyerin 12

    1:09 song link

  18. 陈锦豪


  19. Quỳnh Trang Trương

    2:42 tell me this song pls

  20. Laíse Rafaelle

    Music? 1:39


    Sa sobrang payat nila,lahat sila flat na😆sarrey

  22. ARMY jonghyun

    2:35 song name plss

  23. Jade Gonzalez

    Omg y so pretty thoooo😍😍

  24. k'yoem miee

    1:33 name song thank🙇‍♀️💙

  25. chyntia richard

    0.01 song ?

  26. Layza _Official

    3:44 Pleaseeeeee I soo Need the song.. What the name?

  27. WindyDay 76

    2:32 what song?

  28. اكووو عرب بستوته 😂😂

  29. петров ильф


  30. Нургуль Каирбаева

    2:25 а где жопа ?😂😂😂

  31. hùng hoàng

    admin, can you give me the information about the female friend 3:20

  32. Chức Nguyễn Văn

    please the name song 1:43

  33. Vinh Le

    2:453:05 tên bài hát là j ạ

  34. Lutfi Bayhaqi

    Garing goblok

  35. Lutfi Bayhaqi

    Garing goblok

  36. Ma Antonia Zacarias

    Me encanto
    Pero la parte en la que el chico engaña a su novia por pedir el número de la otra no me gusto mucho

    Además no se que hice, no recibi saludo especial😖😖😖😭😭😭😭

  37. kawaii neko

    5:18 Nanako

  38. Аскат Разаков

    Ролики про девушек. Отлична. Сме-ешные ролики.молодцы. понравились девушки. Отлична.😀👍.

  39. Mohd Fadzlie

    2:32 what song

  40. Misty Bluemoon

    1:39 and 3:19 kind of looks like Yao Mingming 😻

  41. Maria Del Rosario Gomez Alcantar

    Hola Otakus!!!!!!!

  42. Luna Balti

    I love their body

  43. starry artist

    I would wear some the girls outfits

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