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  1. Ly Huynh

    3:47 la bài j z mọi người

  2. army crazy

    I love china!
    i'm from brazil!

  3. 아삭아삭

    0:56 song name ??

  4. Jasmin jasmin

    2:58 name song??please

  5. 梦想幻

    All are Chinese

  6. K-pop Mirrored Dance

    What is their work?how did they get fancy clothes and car they just walking….

  7. Zoe Lin

    I am envious of their fair skin

  8. kushal rocks

    Very niceeeeeee videos

  9. Entertainment boom

    Yes it's true that they need muscle . That looked like sketon with skin. So plz also care about yours body not by only beauty but also from good health. I not trying to hurt you

  10. The Cavendish's Lost Kitten

    chinese girls be like, 99% legs.

  11. SLAN Slanches

    well done, cool.

  12. DesWorldzz Happiness

    4:31 what is this song

  13. Eileen Lin


  14. JAV Trùm

    Nhìn như mấy con yêu tinh

  15. Zaza Lifez

    En gros pour être belle il faut être anorexique

  16. atikah Auni


  17. Jeon Jung-woo

    0:00 song?

  18. Xinh Châu

    1:30 song pls

  19. Huy Lâm

    3’40 rõ ràng con ny túi màu xanh mà lại đi nhặt túi màu đen đưa cho nớ🙏

  20. Bang Tran

    2:54 name of this music please

  21. MinnA Glindemann

    No mms están bien flacas alv D:

  22. Ирина Дубровская

    0:48– я тоже хочу так с парнем делать. Мне это парочка в каждом видео нравится♥♥♥

  23. Lullabys_nightmare

    How are they not freezing

  24. RED 03

    Whats that music that begins from 6:02

  25. bao mai anh

    May chi xinh qua

  26. Vương Thiên Vy

    0:01 song?

  27. Princess Samah Dela Cruz

    In our town when you dressed like that they're gonna look at you as if you're a celebrity

  28. Hue Nguyen

    Name song 4:36

  29. Tuấn Trần

    So kute❤️

  30. ZayZay Say HOORAY!

    Why do they look like deady long legs???


    What song in 0:38

  32. Fennec


  33. Асхат Раззаков

    Ролики про девушек. Отличные ролики.любимый канал. Сме-ешные ролики. Понравились девушки.молодцы. интересно.😆😃👍.😝🤣😛😁🤔😉😋😅😎😜😂😊😄😀😆😃👍.

  34. Tay Ya Yun

    i can cut their long legs in half( everything below the knee ) and they will still be taller than me. im almost 160cm btw but im only 15 so have plenty of time to grow taller but still, the people in this video are damn tall

  35. pokie pokie

    6:00 song name please🙏

  36. Paul Briody

    The girls need to eat more and get some sun.

  37. Ximena Paredes Elizalde


  38. Marline Rivera

    Me pregunto que significa el candado con muchas llaves?

  39. mamu mvn

    4:12 name boy??? Plisss

  40. Sele

    4:35 un buen tip para coqueter jeje

  41. nasha ARMY

    Díganme todas las nombre de las canciones plis🥺🙏

  42. Vu Quan

    nhung ca v*

  43. Gin Lee

    All the people are all crazy about Tictok and Douyin.Crazy Crazy Crazy!

  44. Fabio Pretelt Rincon

    Jajajajja me encantan estos videos

  45. it's me sabriya vlogs

    Ang gaganda ng mga damit nila sana ol 😂💖💖💖

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