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  1. Souped Up Recipes

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  2. Nikki Johnson

    The way she said TAKE IT OUT 😂 about the oil

  3. rusell tiro

    i love ur channel and this recipe is mouth watering….!
    i would like to request if its possible to discuss about d best cooking tools to use like ceramic pot, d hot pot, iron cast etc..etc like what kind of dishes best to cook on those…Thanks a lot for sharing all those awesome recipes.
    Youre d BEST!!!

  4. pc 90

    how can u stay so thin.

  5. Sean Depass

    me nah lie me friend you can eat!

  6. Ezekiel 36

    I love watching you. You are very charming and cute.

  7. Alan Gibson

    yes thats my Favorite dish. you made me hungry now.X

  8. Elizabeth Kiessling

    Girl!! that knife is bigger than YOU are!!
    Can you tell me what kind it is please?

  9. Van Souza

    I wish I was your neighbor, lol.


    I'm eating this right now! I followed your recipe and it tastes so good like I'm in Taiwan! Thank you for your recipe!

  11. TALILAH K J Roberts


  12. James Lonergan

    That looks sooooooo good! Now I am hungry! hehe

  13. Silver Holds The Future

    I’m making this right now, just began the 1-2 hour braise. So far, so good.

  14. Lem Medina

    Hi. Does it have to be that particular kind of wine or can I use Chinese wine or any cooking wine?

  15. Zombie Plague

    God this is sooooo yummy 🤤! You have to try this yourself and remember when cooking sharing is caring

  16. Emelyn Dasig

    When it comes to chinese cooking recipe tutorials, this is the best channel. Always easy and simple to follow.

  17. Choon Wah Pang

    Simple and easy to follow. I tried and like it. A complete meal on its own

  18. RetiredSchoolCook


  19. Jimbo Xl

    Made it for the second time today it is delicious! I used a little bit less sugar and water, it was perfect. Many thanks for the good recipe!

  20. Yuchen ZHAO

    我不该这么惊讶的但是.. 居然找到中餐频道了!!!! the way you speak English is sooooo cute lol

  21. Xuan Tran Valverde

    in vietnam we have a recipe wich look like this

  22. Lord Byron

    Oh my….. this is too good.

  23. Head Hunter

    A second after having sex with my gf, youtube recommend me this video.

  24. Pythonaria

    I will try this recipe later in the week. I love cooking and recently been trying Chinese recipes having bought a new wok. I'm British and belly pork is one of the cheaper cuts of pork and can be tough but I think this will be really good. Thank you for your easy to follow videos.

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