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  1. andres clemente

    Hasta los huevos de vuestras políticas y que dejéis riendas sueltas a los ojendidos.

  2. Lost Wanderer

    YouTube will be shut down. Its a stain on humanity.

  3. Tara Derambakhsh

    why does no one talk about how much dislikes are on most every video on the youtube rewinds?!!

  4. jamesy power


  5. MrCompassionate01

    0:50 remember to force yourself on other people as recommended here, they'll love it.

  6. Luke That Kočička SVK

    Stop T series

  7. QuirkyBookChick

    You people need to stop discriminating against channels. You need to turn comments back on for channels like Special Books by Special Kids. Your discrimination shows your hypocrisy.

  8. GAMER 9000

    Thumbs down 👎

  9. Madmax0725 -

    I'm going to mass flag this

  10. David Cano

    You’re tryin to make mental health problems the norm

  11. Hispanic Shits in English

    Look that dislikes

  12. Cpfan27

    Professor Green lives down my road

  13. Loki el Loko


  14. abooo din mamma


  15. Dosity Jones

    There are real mental health issues, like mah dudes who had ptsd from Vietnam including flashbacks and nightmares, and then there is this which isnt a mental health its just childish issues like omg mah dad only told me so many times he loved me instead of 24/7 repeating the words over and over to me until my quota for the day was filled…. Its ridiculous and I think them not accepting that it is ridiculous is the only problem they actually have!

  16. NoX

    youtube should know all about mental health considering the stress they put on everyone…

  17. helamã 777

    rip yt

  18. Ninja Tfue

    Put pewdiepie in rewind

  19. Borussia Doormat

    Virtue signalling

  20. Krom Chozen

    Another round of YouTube mk ultra for the sheeple

  21. Messi Comps

    Again more dislikes than likes

  22. Please Validate My Existence


  23. Mario Angel Ruiz

    YouTube people need to seek medical help…

  24. 끝 f i n i sh 26

    Is this thedrag race guy

  25. Cristian Garro

    What is this cringe and stupid content?

  26. Aloha

    You are very sick..

  27. kieron julien


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