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  1. Neeks

    I am one of those people that needed this talk. Mike is so well spoken and I am so grateful you guys did this video 🙏

  2. Jazmin F

    When Mike started talking about social anxiety it hit me because my daughter of 2 years old has really bad social anxiety and it breaks my heart that we can’t take her out to certain places because of her anxiety she doesn’t really get to socialize or have/make friends 💔

  3. Amna Tariq

    loved the video Mike and Evan 🙂

  4. Shane_BarnesYT

    bro mike is super intelligent

  5. Alan Daniels

    Where the fuck is Logan???

  6. Mitchell Blades

    i bloody love you two

  7. Chris SM

    Sorry mamba. I like you and that but this feels too forced. U guys obviously tried to force this deep n it's too cringe

  8. Foxy and Lucy

    I had the short term depression brought on by sadness after the death of my big brother. It is a terrible thing to go through and I couldn't imagine living with longterm clinical depression. That must be very hard for many people to endure.
    I had no understanding or empathy for people with depression until I had it myself, but once you experience being in that dark tunnel with the silk walls that give you no stability to climb towards the light, you can better empathize with others who are fighting the same battle.
    I wish you all the best. You seem like a genuinely nice and caring/loving young likeable man and I hope you one day overcome your fight also. Lots of love and big hugs.

  9. another ONE

    10:00 i got a food ad exactly at Mikes word "food"
    I HATE your algorithm Youtube

  10. faye mcarthur

    If deflecting helps you get by, then that's the best thing to do. I too suffer with depression anxiety PTSD and panic attacks. And if you can't deflect a little bit away from your problems you will go to an even darker place. Glad to see you both can talk about this.

  11. Arvid Drottberger

    Ur getting lower views than mikes small channel

  12. kush sethi

    Damn that 0:30 song is indian singham backtrack😂😂 love from india

  13. Jonas Pareja

    Try CBD for your arm.

  14. PoidaPweter

    Great talk guys. Good to see such down to earth and humble people talking about real shit.

  15. Hearing Visions

    Came here to escape the struggles, depression, anxiety..

    Spend 30 minutes listening to struggles, depression, anxiety.. I dont need to hear this shit man.

    Im happy for you guys and talking helps but.. Too many people looking for a popularity vote always pushing these subjects. Eugenia cooney doing it ever since she came back its annoying AF.

    Sometimes it just cant get better. Whatever the circumstance.. People just need escapes

  16. Matthew Bjordahl

    I take vyvanse 70mg when I dont have them I can't get out of bed

  17. Michelle Adamik

    The honesty that Mike and Mamba come forward with is amazing, most people just glaze over mental health issues in fear people will judge them. I struggle with anxiety and have for the better part of my life and it hard to deal with but, I know I’m not alone dealing with “stuff” and that’s strangely comforting. Guys, thank you for this video, it helped.

  18. Rico Williams

    Please keep making videos like this, even without Mike. I relate so much to this.

  19. Connor Steen

    A great quote that relates to a little bit to what you guys discussed: “I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.” -Unknown

  20. Brianna B

    YES! its SO SO important to talk about mental health! keep talking about it… the day we can talk about mental health as easily as we can talk about something like back pain will be so incredible… until that day , erase the stigma and keep talking about it. awesome video

  21. Laura Sitlington

    I am also a little person…A week ago I started antidepressants it's the best decision I have ever made, this video is great! I was raped 6 years ago and since then I have been depressed and I have anxiety.

  22. Clara Bournaki

    Im curious to see how real that book is going to be. Def wondering how the ball sack opportunity came up, and how you were able to step up.
    didnt know mamba was 22 :O

  23. Charles_B

    Fuck you if you disliked this video! Seriously

  24. Liz T

    an amazing video thank you for this message

  25. Karen Okoneski

    I love these 2 together talking about anxiety and depression. Powerful!

  26. Joey Podwika

    This should be on the trending page…

  27. Dan Healy

    I completely get what you were trying to say mike about trying to explain it to someone that hasn’t experienced it first hand for themselves! I could be wrong but I think a small part of it could be because you can’t fully understand it yourself too making it that little bit harder to explain.. thanks for the video and to all of team maverick. It has really helped it in a lot of ways.

  28. Jasman Bolina

    2 realest people in this vid

  29. Zachary Boucher

    That was a great video l know for a fact you have helped people who is going through the same thing. And Mike thanks for talking about your up and downs. I am hoping you still stay on the Wright path sounds like your doing good . And every one has a spot to get that light .

  30. craig campbell

    Appreciate you guys so much for these talks! Just know it’s helping a lot of us thru dark times

  31. Big sexy

    Logan and Evens apartment videos where epic ! 😂👍… unfortunately it's few and far between now for really funny videos.

  32. Jack Bowman

    I love mike. Dude knows how to explain what anxiety is. I have had it for 15 years and I'm only 22. Im glad im not the only one.

  33. Suzy Mae

    This was real and perfect and I'd love to hear more about your stories. I am so down for this book.

  34. Roy Rogers

    Dude its so good to see you happy and back to normal

  35. Shaquille Nuku

    My props goes to you to Mamba and Mike! Mike for doing what he is, taking the time with you. Staying on top of your progress. Dont ever forget what he has done and is doing for you Mamba.

  36. Glow Inside out

    Love this please keep up the work spreading this important message. Lots of love boys x

  37. KMH

    Love the baby steps part bc people often forget that even baby steps is still moving forward. Its always about moving forward no matter how small the act may feel

  38. Ned Orton

    It started at 12 for me. I have it under control, but sometimes in crowds the anxiety comes back.

  39. Darrell Shropshire

    I needed this video sooooooo damn bad today. I start a cold turkey detox off heroin tomorrow, after using for almost 7 years straight. I know the next 5-7 days are going to be like living in an actual hell. But even if positive affirmations and giving myself a pep talk can make it 1% better, than that is 1% better that I will feel. You guys are the shit. Evan, you got such a big heart dude. Mike, you are a fucking GOAT alpha with the mindset of a warrior.

  40. FiJi. G

    Is that rlly weed

  41. Ramona Watson

    Thank you for making this video. I just got out of an 8 year relationship. I needed this

  42. Tyson Dooley

    Mad respect ✊🏻

  43. Izzy Kool

    Aww, if mike was gay I’d date him… love you guys unconditionally

  44. David Pacheco

    Welcome back !

  45. yung raptor

    thank you for this

  46. That Youtube Commenter

    yesss evan lets gooo

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