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  1. Kampu Yalala

    Dr Chibanda kudos to you for the work u are doing. May God bless u abundantly

  2. Kampu Yalala

    Ndarwadziwa nedeath yaRumbie, the progress she had made was tremendous really. RIP Rumbie. Claudius is talented, i hope he makes it in the music industry.

  3. Isheunesu Makambwa

    😥😥ndarwadziwa naRumbi. shame. a good initiative there guys. it's so helpful

  4. Jeremy Linah

    Down syndrome mmhard totake of of such patients bless their hearts and phsyc ones not easy

  5. Patience Mangwarire

    Thank you Dr Chibanda and Dr Hopewell for raising mental health awareness in our community. I referenced you a lot in one of my MSC project about 2 months ago and i wish i had watched this film a bit earlier. Nevertheless its not too late as i have a presentation about the mental health system in Zim in Nov.
    Rumbi, may her soul rest in peace.
    Kudos to all the mother's and families who are providing great support to those affected by mental health, its not easy….
    The Friendship Bench is a great idea and i can forsee it being ruled out worldwide as it is cost effective .
    Well done and God bless you Dr Chibanda n Dr Hopewell Chin'ono.

  6. Gloria Kapfumvuti

    so inspired

  7. Gloria Kapfumvuti

    thank you.

  8. deline dotito

    Dr Chibanda, am amazed by your job….keep moving💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


    Its so touching…thanx mkoma for your work and everyone who made this production a success. God bless.

  10. Luefo Muba

    Many thanks Mr. Chin'ono for sharing your amazing work. Thanks Dr. Chibanda for working with ana Mbuya hutsanana with the friendship bench concept. your are doing fantastic work! I appluade all the participants! My sincere condolences to Rumbi's family. Claudious is pure talent he needs a chance with a top producer. He is gifted. Mental illness is everywhere, lets help each other when we see such cases. Best regards.

  11. Petronella Mazuba

    Evans you are a cool guy,repent my brother

  12. Desmond Takudzwa Chimanga

    im so moved by this documentary thank you hope and doc chibanda …its the right thing that came at the right moment as we still commemorating world mental health and substance abuse day…….im a psychology student at msu and we have a trip to engutsheni on the 16th of october …i ddnt know what to expect or the areas to consider for learning besides the fun on the trip ,,but now i know and ready for a day with the family who are suffering from mental health illnesses …thank you so much

  13. Simba Chikomba

    i think Claudy should sing afro pop he is a good artist.

  14. Nyaradzai J Mudehwe

    Much respect to brother Hopewell. Equal respect to Dr Chibanda for how he does his work and all doctors who wholeheartedly take care of our loved ones . May God bless them.Equal respect to all parents,friends and relatives who take care of our loved ones. I lost my twin who went through such difficult times.My hope is to help others who are going through these challenges as well.I pray for God to guide me.

  15. Steven Tsambo

    Thnk bra hopewell I juss hope those into minangagwa things will learn a lot here so much reflection on incompetence nepostism corruption and mismanagement of junta. Mental health needs to be examined especially on munangagwa pliz before mental health is taken to the community take it to tht circus parliament

  16. Vimbai Benhura

    Bho documentary manje iyi varikubatsira hama dzedu idzi mwari akuitirei zvakanaka

  17. Vimbai Benhura

    Claudius uyo anogona anoda motivation Fantan needs to hear him i thnk zvinotomubatsira kuti asaite zvemadrugs

  18. YinYin Bo

    Very touching and humbling. Thank you.

  19. Kwanele Mswelanto

    Unsung heroes! We have amazing parents out there

  20. Emily Chibi

    moving documentary from one of zimbabwes great journalist.Saddened by Rumbis death , human error it was .

  21. Adrian kathemba

    I was saddened ne death rumbie she seemed to have been well on the path to recovery

  22. Nevile Tanaka Zvidzai

    Eish so touching, but Rumbi's death after showing great improvement really broke my heart😭😭. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

  23. Edwin Komayi

    Bhenji rehushamwari. Ndizvo

  24. Tarie Nzondo

    RIP Peace Rumbi. Thank you for this documentary, hope the friendship programme will be rolled out to other parts of the country. Evans hope your career takes off.

  25. Mai Riley marnel

    Great documentary.well done

  26. Richard Khoza

    This is touching

  27. Dj Geez

    When i saw Rumbi died ndamboisa phone pasi nekurwadziwa i ddnt see it coming

  28. Tatenda Muchemwa

    So touching thank you @Dadhope n Dr Chibanda I would love to join your team

  29. Mac Mills

    Great work

  30. David Mugarisanwa

    Respect Hopewell

  31. tat almond mush

    Just a thought, how did Rumbi get pregnant?
    get Claudious paChillSpot

  32. Tatenda Munemo

    Wow….Mental Health to the people.. Good initiative Dr Chibanda.!

  33. Charles Simango

    The unsung heroes and heroins of our society, thanks for opening our eyes.

  34. Kundai lucy Zvaraya

    Wow m touched…rest in peace Rumbi……so sad…but informing

  35. MEMO

    Great documentary 👏👏👏

  36. Pam Kay

    Clearly there is a lot of love as nd support. We probably need to raise more awareness so that carers and sufferers, can reach the support and not feel isolated and marginalised. With right treatment many can live fuller lives.

  37. Sibongile Ushe

    I have been deeply moved by this documentary. Thank you Hopewell Chin'ono and Dixon Sibanda for bringing the state of mental health in our beloved Zimbabwe to our consciousness. I am moved by all the families who consented to let us get a glimpse of their lives and how mental health affects them collectively.I say thank you to y'all. Thank you Rumbi (RIP) , Evans,Claudius and Dr Sibanda. Your consent to let us see into your lives as mental health patients is humbling. To the mothers, grandmothers of the Friendship bench , thank you . I ask myself, how can I help?

  38. Claudine Tendai Mukondo

    The Friendship bench is such a good initiative.doing lots of good Dr Chibanda.

  39. Claudine Tendai Mukondo

    Aaaw I'm so sad.sweet Rumbi rest in peace.

  40. Claudine Tendai Mukondo

    Claudius is talented.i hope when he's back in the industry it doesn't push him back to drugs.most of these cases it's mental issues caused by stress then resorting to drugs.God help our country.

  41. Constance Mpala

    What a blow, l felt joy in my heart seeing Rumbie smile and holding her baby. I think Evan's mother enabled him, his problem is learned helplessness…. This doctor goes above and beyond, he's amazing

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