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  1. Tarannum Shaikh

    Hi Mam Love You

  2. Manoj aktar

    Overacting ☹️👎

  3. Shrabanee Pattnaik

    Nice video,plz support my channel. Visit my channel Odia cusines shrabaneepattanaik https://youtu.be/P4nzaQA2Nzk

  4. smita's kitchen

    I love it 😘😘

  5. Titas Roy

    Why it is called mermaid smoothie?

  6. asma ubaid

    She still looks so young and well maintained. Stunning beauty!

  7. Dileep Sahu

    Hallo mam

  8. Rana M.

    pls Shilpa take care of ur hand"s, UR hand's look so old, black also.

  9. Kavya Maalika

    How do u balance ur weight? Pls make a video on this

  10. Rachna Jain


  11. Bajiavlogs


  12. Mannan6668@gmail.com Naziamannan

    Bohat mehngi recipes bataty hain plz slect reasionable product slect kiya karain

  13. Ayesha Akter

    She is soooo adorable!!!!!!

  14. Manvitha Karkal

    Nice recipe but kindly reply for our comments…

  15. afrinfarsana afrinfarsana

    Plz… Thise video tub in Tamil or English

  16. Leena Nagwani

    She makes food for rich people..Her recipes are good but ingredients are Pricey.

  17. Mohan Mohan

    Please home tour

  18. pk 7

    I love you mam


    #farikitchen like share subscribe plzzz i need it

  20. VIM -Vision In Math

    mam u can also upload d recepi of baked liti with baked brinjal and tomato chutney..it would be healthy

  21. Sadia Hassan

    Why is it mermaid 🧜‍♀️ smoothie and secondly miss Shilpa never reply to any one lol

  22. padmaja garlapati


  23. Cooking With Sonia

    Nice recipe

  24. Syeda’s Cuisine

    Very healthy bowl

  25. VIM -Vision In Math

    mam u should must give a recepi of sweetpotato halwa or sakarkand halwa by adding some modern twist..it will prove to be a healthy and tasty dessert

  26. Drasti chaudhari

    Please make some healthy and quick recipies for college students who don't get too much time to cook.

  27. Candy Yadav

    Really frozen bananas 🤦‍♀️

  28. Parigha

    Smoothie in a bowl????

  29. MP SR

    Pongal special போடுங்க mam! 😍😊🙏

  30. Mafija Bibi

    1 Like For beautiful kitchen

  31. Dance with Bharti

    Yammy recipe and healthy too…and super easy to make 😋😋😋😋

  32. Raj Zanwar

    What kinda outfit is that? So unlike you

  33. Supraja Rasamala Supraja Rasamala

    Don't use plastic covers ji

  34. Gulistan Firdous


  35. Kamal Kaur

    Why frozen banana dear, y not fresh

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