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  1. jernt dood

    who wrote?

  2. Niki

    This while exploring an alien planet

  3. denco28

    Brinstar and Kraid's Hideout music were my favorite soundtracks in Metroid. Norfair music was my least favorite in the game.

  4. Trixie Truelove

    This and the Smash 64 version are very special to me.

  5. Anduin Wrynn

    Esta canción me dan ganas de…

  6. Gwen Paul

    Me too.

  7. dead poinsettia

    Brilliant! That is all…good day.

  8. Guillaume Lacroix

    Merci Iro pour cette musique !

  9. Dante Emmett

    Good music

  10. Yokoso Chan ツ

    When I search metroid music this should be the first song that comes up not a bunch of other bullshit themes that sound like ass compared to this jewel

  11. Lin Y

    what a great song I'm getting a verklempt! Gonna bawl now

  12. WindYoshi

    Justin Bailey

  13. Sendy Lie

    Back then when most of you thought that Samus was a man at first.

  14. Saimon

    Man i love this game… so good!

  15. Garrett Menshew

    @Pixar Kid

  16. shadow moses


  17. Vylokanyk01

    This sounds so much like "Hurricane" by Bob Dylan!! If you get a chance, listen to the background violin in that song. Note for note they're the same thing!

  18. Bryce Olson

    Play this song in reverse in reverse it sounds like a different tune!!

  19. Alexsc69

    I miss these days… Things were simpler and life was better…   :o(

  20. Em

    my first videogame :')

  21. Leslie Landaverde-Guerrero

    beat metroid fusion for virtual console WOOOOO HOOOOO

  22. Leslie Landaverde-Guerrero

    NES(nintendo intertainment system) well me and my brother got into a fight over who's 1st player and well…… we broke it):

  23. Caio Santanna

    Nice tune.

    … Too bad you'll be listening to it for a couple of hours, probably.

  24. Sharpie473

    I wish I could play and finish this game.
    My NES is gettin' old though and crashes randomly. )=

  25. whiteknightsucho grump

    I am listening to this for about 2 hours cause I am planning to recompose it for piano and I need to tweak the bass. Yaay for music!

  26. R TYPE 90

    I dont mean to sound like an nostalgic hipster but this one song just takes me back to the early 90s playing metroid and trying to figure out where to go. 

  27. The False Prophet

    Muted my GBA so I could listen to this the whole way through the game.


  28. dyobeats

    NES tune is so crisp! xD

  29. EzGamerx

    Smooth ;D

  30. NeuralNetProcessor

    I remember getting this game in 1987 and being awed by it. When you would find a new section and the music would change, we would sit there for like an hour listening, before going back to having our asses kicked by aliens.

  31. smokeabowlyard


  32. MiningwithPudding

    This brings me back… my Gameboy and Nintendo DS light (the only things that I have to play GameBoy games) are both broken… D:

  33. Marcomercury12

    Ein fantastisches Lied!! <3 awesome song. Many memories. 🙂

  34. brig 7981

    So many childhood memories playing this game so much. 

  35. Chaz Yocom

    I'm 16 and thank god for older games like this or I would be playing modern "games". Metroid kicks ass!!

  36. Bane

    .. stop talking about Cod shit. We're listening a masterpiece here.

  37. Nerdytimes

    My hobby includes ruining monitors… FROM SHADOWS!

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