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  1. artistchase7 miller

    Thanks for saving clips on Bernie and MSNBC. They always cut out anything about Bernie before uploading to YT.

  2. Derek C

    I love hearing from politicians aboutt people who are happy with their insurance. If these people do exist, are they the most naive individuals on the planet? Are they fortune tellers? You hear such stupid shit in the Democratic debates that goes unchallenged.

  3. Derek C

    THIS is the Michael Moore I like! Cannot stress enough how the "insurance" industry is comprised of middlemen whose job relies on inducing anxiety

  4. Max Painter

    Cute that they had the South Carolina poll average on screen behind him. Why that one, specifically, I wonder? :p Do people think that's not intentional?

  5. Pete Bach

    Yes, thanks you General Motors.

  6. Voltaire

    Medicare for ALL period!

  7. Voltaire

    Whoever voted for the Iraq war shoul be disculified from running for any kind of office period

  8. Voltaire

    Horrible despicable bias MSNBC moderators
    Let's be clear, Bernie Sanders is the best deal, after him Tulsi Gabbard and that's it!

  9. Carl Kramer

    Bernie is the only candidate that can say he's against Isreal and not anti-semetic. Also the only jew to stand up for Palestinians.

  10. Terri­Beth Reed

    Please tackle the lies being spread around regarding Senior Citizen Healthcare in Single Payer Country's! They need to hear the truth!

  11. Dag Souleyedblue

    Biden (becoming the apparent candidate) will push for no or at best incremental change. Trump will shout his anti establishment lies from the rooftops and get full exposure. Doing so it will annihilate Biden. You think the elite paying Biden to run don't know this?

  12. Jeremy Harris

    When MM speaks, I listen.

  13. Luisa Arora

    Bernie Sanders becoming President will benefit the whole world

  14. JPreciado

    Jokes on you David, you don't get the pleasure of waking up sick without healthcare and having to man through it and hope it doesn't turn into anything serious.

  15. Brandon Link

    I have amazing insurance from my union but we've had to start paying a little for it and our deductible went way up and we now have a copay. It will only get worse.

  16. Claudia Schrick

    Here I thought Moore was too radical but apparently I am radical too because I really like Sanders. I tried to vote for him in 2016 but they said I couldn’t because I was a registered Independent so could only vote for independent!! Not cool at all! Now I am a registered Democrat so I can vote for Sanders!!!!!!

  17. John Pagoto

    Bernie/Tulsi 2020

  18. Haha MissMiss

    Jews are Nazis…how ironic

  19. Haha MissMiss

    Elites and corporations would rather have trump than sanders.

  20. Johnny Brown

    My parents watch this s*** this cable news s*** still Maddow blah blah blah they like buttigieg it makes me want to pull my f**** hair out they're great people I respect them both immensely and love them but they're just I don't know they don't get it

  21. Johnny Brown

    Look it's simple, all we're asking is the Democratic party be the party of workers and people again that's it…..oh and the planet. We're f*** and none of it matters if we don't handle that s***

  22. Scott Marker

    Michael Moore is brilliant! Or, one of the few that speak common sense.

  23. Danny Mayle

    YES ! He nailed it, corporate greed can wake up on any given day and crush your healthcare, put you out with nothing to cover your family or children. I haven’t seen anyone smack down the bullshit lies being put forth by the corrupt corporate media and the Neoliberals like Pete, Joe and the rest that are spitting lies out of their mouths. ☠️☠️

  24. Danny Mayle

    Great job by Michael Moore in explaining the way the majority of people feel about healthcare education mass incarceration Climate change and much more. The overwhelming majority of Americans want these progressive policies now ! #BERNIE2020.💪💪💪❤️

  25. Justin DeFouw

    Keep up the good work David! Go Bernie!

  26. Suzanne Harris

    Fantastic segment, David. I'm so happy you have great health care because that means you'll be around for a long time.

  27. Jim Parker

    Every insurance company is a vampire. Now, some vampires are worse than others, but still, every one of them exists to be a failed parasite on society. Many years from now people will look back on this era and wonder, "Why did they tolerate these parasites for so long?" The answer is lies and propaganda. The solution is to ban lies, propaganda, and parasitical corporate behavior. Otherwise, eventually the vampires will tire of milking us, and will finally consume us entirely. Even a regular parasite tries to avoid destroying its host, but a capitalist vampire has a deep seated hatred of its host, so it cannot resist destroying it.

  28. Suzanne Harris

    Moderates are all about self-interest & self-preservation. That's all Republicans & most Democrats. 👎💣

  29. Sandra Gray

    I can't imagine having to worry about which places take the insurance. My 86 year old dad had a stroke. He was in delicate, fragile condition. Within a space of a month he was moved between 4 medical establishments, 2 of them he'd went to by ambulance in emergency situations but they didn't take his insurance so after they stabilized him, they sent him to other facilities that accepted his insurance. It was incredibly frustrating. At that age and in that condition, he should've had continuous stable care in one place.

  30. Sandra Gray

    I watch all the insurance commercials during this enrollment time of year and it's incredibly freaking confusing and worse than trying to figure out how to deal with dysfunction in families or taxes above the easy forms. It's true, so true, that it's a dysfunctional system.

    Can anyone imagine not even having to deal with any of that at all!? One less industry trying to confuse you into buying their product which will usually eventually turn out sucking. Get rid of private health insurance (afterwards get rid of the shysty auto insurance industry.)

  31. Morrigon Ghoulsli

    I got my 69 year old mother off of MSNBC. I explained how Russiagate was a hoax. She was hesitant at first. Then I made her watch Kyle Kulinski and she's all in now. She subscribes to all of the Progressive YouTube channels and we don't have to argue about politics anymore. Her Trump hatred was the real problem. She knew the Democratic party wasn't doing the right thing but man, she hates Trump and MSNBC fed that.

  32. irfan haqqee

    Another reason to habe Medicare for all ( single payer system) Look what happened in the last decade?

  33. irfan haqqee

    Can anyone tell me what was Hillary's agenda when she ran in 2016? " I am a woman just help me break the glass ceiling".

  34. RDH-D Alias JB

    The media in Britain have done such a good job of demonising Corbyn you can sit in hospital waiting rooms and hear people saying they hate Corbyn and are going to vote for Johnson who is going to continue the tory privatisation of heathcare! Unbelievable!
    I have spoken to two pensioner friends today who both need the NHS regularly and are voting for Johnson!!! Ask them why: Hate Corbyn! Explain what it means: Don't care!

  35. Human8ty

    Target and Spectrum Cable employees were just informed their health insurance, Kaiser who just built a new grand facility, is doubling their premiums for their employers. Yes, doubling them. Their employers, Target AND Spectrum both decided to stop covering ANY of their employees health insurance. Employees are now responsible for covering 100% of their coverage themselves.

  36. D-2055de BjørnB

    MM: for-profit healthcare companies are the US Gulags!

    If you do not comply to capitalism rules – off to the Gulags!

  37. Vincent Saia

    So glad Michael Moore has gotten over his ludicrous endorsement of Michelle Obama.

  38. Maybe

    Michael Moore sat there saying nothing while these schills talked shit about progressives.

  39. Carrie See

    Check out HardLensMedia’s Friday show on biden.

  40. blanche starbong

    You are killin' it and you are so important right now.

  41. Lauren Bray

    I was actually insulted by the questions they asked. They were so stupid it was like a slap in the face to our intelligence!


    Wait…. I thought seeing Palestinians as humans meant you hated jews?

  43. Marvin Gershowitz

    TRUMP is a HEDONIST… &…. there is very very little difference between

    Trump and Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein;

    Vote Bernie "If they can – They will" Vote Bernie

    "If you got the money buying everyone in your path is a blessing," Grampa Trump

  44. Raff Muse

    lmao, why do they have a random SC poll up behind him, that shit came out like a half a month ago. Ofc they don’t have the most recent NATIONAL emerson poll which has him and Bernie tied for 1st. ffs

  45. william martin

    I disagree that America has moved left. BOTH Parties just been moved so damned far to the RIGHT, that REAL Dems are being labeled radical, and 'too far left'. MY Party is now FAR to the right of where the REPUBS were, just 45 years ago.

  46. Ron Forrest

    i am from canada it is not free different provinces different ways of paying in bc i pay 26 dollars a month probably with income tax i pay a little more i am 67 i have had rabies malaria i have spent over 100 days in hospitals lots of surgeries guess i am clumsy i am still a free man not tied down to a job because of health care for my family there will be fewer wars my friends please for yourselves vote medicare for all

  47. Eric Smith

    If we're being honest this hurts more than it helps Bernie. Idk any young voters that care about Michael Moore.

  48. Gilbert Martinez

    Boycott GM . There all crooks.
    Big corporations too.

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