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  1. 5kayonekiller

    The countries you bomb don’t care if your president is a democrat or republican, all they know is that the bombs have American flags on them

  2. DDONTE 2000

    Glad to see a REAL PROGRESSIVE on MSNBC and not just another Biden cheerleader, propping up the lackluster Biden campaign, despite all conspicuous evidence that his campaign lacks the necessary dynamism to take on Trump.

  3. Raffaele Folino-Gallo

    this guy is on the money…. Heath care for all …..

  4. oscar C53

    Can't believe MSNBC let this clip go on . normally they don't let anything pro Berine go on without trying to discredit it

  5. jackog44

    MSNBC is a joke

  6. Johnny Morris

    The title of this video is just simply not true. It is pure hyperbole. The healthcare industry has and continues to save and prolong millions of lives every year. That's not to say they haven't inadvertently harmed a lot of people as there can be corruption and mistakes in any field…but come on that's a little exaggerated!

  7. nicolas cevallos

    I must correct Michael Moore at the end…like any other country. Most non-industrilized countries have some sortof national healthcare system, the difference is that they lack the funds for the system to run properly.

  8. moose boy

    Republicans can’t tell the president no because they’re all tied into the scandal also.

  9. Mike C

    Like any parasite, the private healthcare system, exists to profit from the pain, suffering and uncertainty of every child, man and women in America. Every single component that is peripherally involved [power plants, petrochimicals, sand, clay, water, copper, teflon, plastics, iron, thallium, steel, glass, radon, nitrogen, oxygen, ink, transisters, lead, uranium, fungi, maggots, viral phages, every form of rare earth elements, timber, super glue, gold, silver, neon, viral phages, rubber, titanium, the blue blood extracted from one of the oldest forms of life (540 million years) horeshoe crabs, seaweed, morgues, human bodies, universities and more] exists as a profit driven companies. Most sell shares and pay dividends.

    Aside from moral and ethical concerns, the biggest lie of healthcare is that it is a free market just like the car industry. We cannot define health any more than we can define love. No person can show you a unit of health or a unit of love. None of the necessary and sufficient conditions of a free market exists in healthcare. It is as pure an example of market failure that exists. But what about health insurance? Nope, market failure. There is no relationship between the price a doctor charges and anyone's health.

    If you ask the military to solve a problem, expect a military solution. America reveres a market economy as being the least cost most efficient solution for every human activity. That's the basis of the most expensive exploitation of Americans since european settlement. Regardless of who pays, this parasitical con is funded by workers. And clerks with no clinical skill make real life and death decisions which affect you and your family.

    It sounds insane. Perhaps you think I'm an 'evil' communist? I have written the painful, simple truth. America is supposed to be the best, right? Nope, unless believing the expensive con job qualifies as the biggest and best con job is considered a good thing. Using 2017 data, 18% of the entire American GDP was spent on a parasitical profitable gold egg laying healthcare system. Great profits have nothing to do with health other than make you sick.

  10. bob

    Michael was right , in a interview before the election he predicted that Trump would win.

  11. Philip Ho

    Preach Michael!

  12. anniecmarie

    Yes. Why is Biden polling so high? He is the worst. I don't understand how Marianne Williamson doesn't get up there? Gotta say, I love Yang, Bernie and Tulsi too.

  13. BladeMasterz916

    Well, look at BETO now!!!!!!

  14. J P


  15. IPCC SaysLessThan12Years

    Good points Michael. One of the saddest things about Beto was that he thought he could inspire people with generic 'hopey changey' stuff… then realised (a bit too late) that he needed to find his passion and fight for something. Then when he did finally find this and started fighting ….There was the most negative, most cynical and generally nasty candidate, Pete Buttigieg, ready to cut him down with words of how we can't do that and shouldn't even try. Pete is a horrible little man. He's bad for politics and bad for America.

  16. ronniet71

    Thanks Mike!!!

  17. Songs In 60 Seconds

    Just a coinicidence that that poll in South Carolina, which happens to be really strong for Biden, is stuck on freeze behind Michael Moore throughout this entire clip…

  18. Mark Benschop

    Michael Moore is pointing out the obvious truth that still doesn't seem to have landed with the Democratic establishment.

  19. T Powell

    I am shocked that MSNBC allowed this video of Michael Moore telling the truth to be released, they normally silence or ignore progressive talk….Bernie2020

  20. billkelly1

    This is such a pounding of the neoliberal nonsense on healthcare! There is a tsunami forming to take out those that stand in the way of getting Medicare for All. Bernie 2020!

  21. EXT0

    Minute 01:00

    Yes Michael: most underestimated quality in a leader

  22. Daniel Ranirez

    Bernie 2020!

  23. Rotionpotion

    Look at Brian Williams Slackjawed and panicking over someone defending Burnie Sanders and healthcare for all.

  24. Mdebacle

    The often overlooked point is that a presidential candidate, if elected, cannot make laws. He or she will have to sign or veto whatever passes thru Congress.

  25. Towelie

    Love him, or hate him, Michael is speaking straight facts here.

  26. Zeno1999

    MM is complaining about Obama care while supporting him to win two terms; that's called leftist in denial. Is Bernie Sanders going to use a Genie to fix all problems ? Trump is fixing fundamental problems caused by foreign policies that took money out of USA; afterwards, he can install Canadian healthcare system which is costly but somewhat compassionate.

  27. Elizabeth Djokovic

    They are always talking about healthcare in the remedial sense when they could be looking at ways to encourage behaviours which are preventative. and eliminating known causes of medical problems. Everyone should have access to dental care. Everyone should have assurance that they won't be bankrupted by medical expenses when they have an accident or become seriously ill.

    Governments that care about the common good have managed to provide universal healthcare for their citizens. If Americans are so well off collectively, why can't they do the same?

    Is it because there is too much at stake for the people who are a part of the "wellness" industry. Psychiatrists and therapists and counsellors and pharmaceutical companies rely on having a big market out there for their services and products. And they charge high fees to compensate them for the effort they put into getting their qualifications.

    If people started focussing on staying well through proper nutrition, sound recreational habits and exercise there would be less anxiety about being able to pay for medical assistance.

    Good health is paramount and being proactive rather than reactive is a first step towards achieving it.

  28. 2manybuks 2littletime

    Medicare has copays.

  29. jaykay415

    You're doing Godly work, Michael Moore. Thank you for crawling into the cracks in the establishment paradigm and prying them open a bit further – more people will see the light, and we just need a critical mass of those people to bust this thing open!

  30. margaretkirby

    MSNBC needs to be honest and clear about their bias against proscribed-teal progressives. They are undermining democracy. They are trying to destroy Bernie’s chances (which actually means the chances of the American people) , smother or misrepresent his policies attack him from the right. The majority of Americans agree with Moore and Bernie but these highly paid yes people understand their ongoing employment is dependent on being completely disinterested or dismissive. It is outrageous. MSNBC exists to prop up the billionaires who buy advertising and tge owners of MSNBCvecause they are propaganda for neo conservatism. They must start allowing the voices of ordinary people to be heard on their Chanel or expect to fade quickly into the past. These people are at war with the wishes of the majority of Americans, just like the corporate democrats.
    Let that sink in.

  31. Scott Riggle

    One of my relatives is trying to retire at 63. They had a high stress high paying job and worked 50 to 60 hour weeks their entire career. The company they worked for closed down and after so many years of long stressful hours they didn't want to look for another job. They thought it would be easy to retire because they had 1 million dollars in their IRA. The problem is that a silverobamacare plan would cost them $1,800 a month which leaves them with alot less spending money then they are used to. They can afford to withdraw $70,000 or $80,000 a year from their IRA but if health insurance is going to drastically limit their lifestyle they would rather only withdraw $50,000 and get a obamacare subsidy. Its messed up that someone who worked so hard and saved so much is having to drastically limit their lifestyle because of healthcare. Most people don't have anywhere near a million saved, if my relative is having trouble imagine what it will be like for the average person. People in my family live into their 80's and 90's so my relative is trying not to spend more than 5% of his portfolio in any one year.

  32. Boot Bizarre

    "If people like their health insurance so much, then why do they switch to medicare the moment that they are eligible to?"
    (Giving credit where credit is due, I saw that in a youtube comment by user Tnk4me on another video.)

  33. vigi vigilante1


  34. Rally Navigator

    What a bunch of losers. Im outta here.

  35. Jimmy Goode

    Bernie fit the people (with a brain)

  36. Jimmy Goode

    Lol at the poll numbers behind him… corporate news wankers

  37. Paul Sasso

    Bernie 2020!!! Medicare for All!!!

    #Bernie2020 #MichaelMoore #Medicare4All

  38. corsoconner

    Michael Moor, I am a Progressive who is pro 2nd ammendment. I have studied history to some extent and could not find anyone on the Left's side who ever asked or tried to force citizens to hand their guns into the government. I find you very misguided putting blame on guns instead of the socio-economic calibrations that so stress the system. In your world law abiding citizens are children and government is big daddy. What history books do you read? The AR 15 should be the baseline in a world without proximity.

  39. Pavl Rakopv

    We have public health care in Australia and it works perfectly…

  40. Praetor_Fenix420

    🖖🖖🖖 Bernie, Bernie, Burnie.🖖🖖🖖



  42. Nathalie Dufour

    Which is exactly why american people must vote for BERNIE, you've got a Gem America, you've got ONE CHANCE.


    MICHAEL deserves a MEDAL of HONOR-said before&still saying.LOVE to YOU,MICHAEL

  44. Kevin

    Colt stop manufacturing AR-15's because they have excess ar's and they said if the demand increases they will make them again.

  45. Jay T.

    I have much respect for Mr. Moore, but if he thinks Colt stopped selling their AR-15's on the civilian market because of Beto's so-called bold statements during his last debate he is either naive or just making stuff up. The fact is that Colt is not profiting by selling to the civilian market… actually, the very opposite. In a market where civilians can acquire an AR-15 from many other manufacturers giving similar, or even better, quality than Colt can offer for less the buyers do not care. Colt rested on its laurels… did not innovate… had the hefty military contract(s) and they even lost the big one to FNH! Colt still has other contracts throughout the world, so…

  46. Random Variety

    Actually, this guy should run for president.

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