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  1. Russ Monte

    Dont worry it will be there soon

  2. Patty HSu

    We are Taiwanese, not Chinese, and there are many news that discriminate against yellow races around the world. I hope you can help us resolve this racial deadlock together. thank u

  3. Teagan

    Trevor: "am I the only one who's noticed that the virus has gone everywhere except Africa?"
    Me: in Kenya "hah..uh nah man it's okay, leave us out"

  4. adriener9

    You made me a Hero means you will be Next President

  5. Sandy Harris

    That Jamaican joke 😂😂😂 weh u do day fah💪🏾🇯🇲

  6. king vine

    😂 we irie, keep up to good work Trevor💪. Nuff love from Jamaica

  7. Mad Dog

    Trevor Noah does not speak for all Americans, Trevor Noah is a sorry no talent ass clown,

  8. chipmunktubetop

    This is such bullshit.

  9. Poki Joki

    so why in 3:30 Taiwan is a new country 🤔


    take your unfunny ass back to wherever you are from you are NOT FUNNY

  11. h. ann

    Deadly viruses waging internal wars on other foreign viruses is a thing, our bodies are their own ecosystem and it's a warzone

  12. 55karatekid

    Would like to take the time to point out that Mike Pence is not Catholic

  13. Mike Wizoski

    He's not funny , which is hilarious

  14. Josefina Magallanes

    WARREN 2020

  15. John Moldoch

    And, after meeting Mike Pence, the Pope mutters too himself "Wow, that guy really needs to get laid."

  16. Afrostrology

    pence already knows the damn pope. he's a jesuit himself. duh……..

  17. Ucan Tavuk

    Advice from a turkish teacher
    "Don't be afraid of virus…it just killed 350 people or something?"
    Also same teacher
    "Its a signal to end of the world"

  18. John A

    Pence jerked off the Pope, LMAO!

  19. Victoria Blackwood

    You almost got the accent correct

  20. Gen X.

    You can build anything fast with forced labor camps…

  21. Genevie

    Yeah china did it within 10 day that's pretty incridible right??

  22. Lamont Tanksley

    That was a "Kick Ass" ebola joke.

  23. Hunter Goodhart

    You’re such a clown Trevor. Your jokes aren’t even close to funny, focus on your own country’s shitty politics.

  24. youssef samane

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  25. S Went

    Kinda disappointed you didn't address the racism against all Asian Americans that is happening RIGHT NOW due to the virus.

  26. mhigs wolfenstine

    I salute the African people and pray for them….many things , even humans tried to kill them, along with eastern and western religions but they held their ground strongly throughout the storm

  27. julie johnson


  28. Wendell Chiang

    Well actually South America was also not infected …

  29. Honest Opinion

    Vice President Mike Pence and Pope Francis are 2 Assh*les that Could not careless about Babies and Children in cages constantly being Molested, Raped and Kill.

  30. vivien Chiang

    china: lets biuld a hospital in 10 days!! America: lets use the resort right beside the hospital!!

  31. Alaine Francis

    Lol Jamaicans don't talk like that

  32. Azzam Nazari

    Ebola + corona what will become??

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