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  1. MileyCyrusVEVO

    Check out my new video for "Mother's Daughter"! Music makes Movements! We got the power! 💪 🚨 https://smarturl.it/MDxMCv

  2. MemeMan

    Can we get to 1B before 10 Years?

  3. noodlechan

    I was so happy in that time, I was 9 years old in 2009, but since 2014 I feel my life as always been getting worse and shitty because of bullying, depression and other metal problems started to appear, 2009 was such a good time, I don’t know if I will be happy like I used to be when I was a kid.

  4. Burger Boy

    5th grade…….those were the days

  5. nL Stocke

    don't come to listen to old songs otherwise you''ll have nostalgia and nostalgia it's a sign youre getting old … follow up

  6. MG Salibs

    super bop

  7. Jack Sullivan

    10 years later

    And a Miley song was on
    And a Miley song was on
    And a Miley song was on
    And a Miley song was on!!

  8. Hector Five

    Kate Hudson. This girl is underage!! Gangs.

  9. Hector Five

    What do you think of forced marriage?? Sue Eaton.

  10. Black Frog

    She was really beautiful.

  11. Black Frog

    10 years later…. Time passes too fast. My favorite moment in my life was between 2000 and 2010. It's sad that the years pass so quickly.

  12. Salvador Alvarez


  13. Zara Shabir


  14. Humayra Ahmed

    My childhood has entered the chat

  15. Dan Cing

    I think we all need to thank both Jessie J for writing this bop and Miley for making iconic ❤️🎶👌

  16. sebatian


  17. Matthew Shunney

    IM turning 31 on July 27th and as corny as it may be lol I'm throwen my hands up like yeahhhhh:)

  18. Fabricio Macancela

    The purge

  19. the0nlyy. cee

    Anyone else misses the old Miley??

  20. Mounia Fasly

    BTW 2:22 looks like an innocent version wreking ball 😂

  21. Cesar Sosa

    Hearing this

  22. VTH channel


  23. Nada Alkhaldi


  24. Angie Martinez


  25. Grrlpwr msp

    This was my 2010 old town road

  26. Siena Brown

    “And the brittney song was and the brittney song was on!” I love that part!

  27. Bored Af

    Don't like the current Miley who says that "abortion is healthcare" but she will forever be my childhood

  28. gacha danny

    alguien que hable español y oiga canciones en ingles.Pero como miley disfruta tanto estar en EE.UU si donald trump es malo con todos aparte en usa hay mucha maldad

  29. Nicolle Oliveira Ramos


  30. Nadz Pasion

    When you realise that Shelby Rabara (Peridot of Steven Universe) is in this video.

  31. ρσlα яιѕ


  32. mads Meows

    When loving America was OK I bet she hates this song now hahaha

  33. Caily’s Leuke video’s



    Poor Mrs. Cyrus, Hollywood abused you.

  35. Philipa Adjei

    We really really love you miley ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  36. [ŸÜRÏ]

    When she was normal…


    love me

  38. lucas wifeu

    old but gold💓✨

  39. Samu_04

    I'm Italian, but my heart is American and I wish I was born in America…

  40. Magda Chmarycz

    damn, she's so beautiful

  41. Adrian chan Ganster wolf

    Heh yea…

  42. Flo's World


  43. Hanči Bananči

    I saw a video that said this was one of the most hated songs and I’m just like bitch what

  44. xxBeauty IsMyHappinessxx

    I feel old XD

  45. aonymous cadet

    IT'S A PARTY IN THE C.I.A …oh wait wrong video

  46. Kenitra Williams

    ok grill

  47. Natali Alcazar

    mileeeeey <3

  48. Salvador Alvarez


  49. Ashiq Khan

    This is a song lil skies would like lol I like it to

  50. Walker #18936

    Why can’t she post more music like this? Innocent and family AMAZING with awesome beats. I don’t rly like her songs now tbh

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