MINECRAFT SKELETON RAP | "I've Got A Bone" | Dan Bull Animated Music Video

Creeper Rap Enderman Rap Zombie Pigman Rap Of course there will be a skeleton rap. This is it. Check out all my other Minecraft songs here: … [TagsToTranslate] Minecraft Skeleton Rap

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  1. Dan Bull

    Thanks to everyone watching and sharing the video – and extra massive thanks to ZAMination for their amazing animation work. Follow my Minecraft Spotify playlist for loads more Minecraft songs: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/32AQ9fyLYoGdvfJ6DIncdX?si=42xXDw4lRkSJ5jf3yFghcA

  2. Isaiah Garrett

    Favorite part 1:44

  3. Miks Amail

    My favourite part is when the skeleton talks to the jack-o'-lantern 😂

  4. Katie Jack

    This left me confused

  5. Lisa Griffin

    I Absolutely Love The Beat And Tune In This Rap. I Also Like How You Added A wrist Animation. And The Part When The Skeleton's Arm Touched ZAM's Shoulder And Back To Him. Creeped Me Out And Was Cool. I Think That The Skeleton Was Jealous Of ZAM Having Skin And Wanted To Kill Him For It cause He Cant Drink or Eat. Best Rap Out Of All So Far. Rating 1,000,000,000/1,000,000,000. AWWWEESSSOOOMMEE!!! Do a Zombie or Slime Rap Please!

  6. Ben Peretz

    Bruh it's just a skeleton, get a shield.

  7. the Minecraft bro

    Me: takes out stone

    The skeleton: AHHHHHH

  8. Csana csano

    Pls zombie rap

  9. PrplaysYT

    Undertale 2 is looking pretty good!

  10. Mad Mello

    Oww man
    Its a Minecraft dong in 2019

  11. TristenPlayz YT

    A few days the villager sang and now Zanimation just turns into a skeleton

  12. omppu gamer

    0:13 weell hello my friend nice weeell

  13. boatlad

    You got the puns you got the skeleton you just need a blue shiny eye

  14. Cosmyn Dumytru

    Next Zombie Rap

  15. Risto Radovanovic

    0:13 usra se ja

  16. Evans Muthomi

    Nice work dude luv the work 👌👍

  17. DINO 5050

    Funniest part 2:43

  18. liza cueto

    "I have had my crushed 13 times"
    Me: Jesus where is the holy water when you need it

  19. Stix

    This is so cool! I wish there was a instrumental though.

  20. Gunning Wolf

    Sheild : im about to end this skeletons whole career

  21. Flor Martinez

    And the wither?

  22. Monica Amador

    Zombie rap anyone?

  23. Blue bunny Young

    Imagine how popular this song will be in spooktober

  24. Kristof Karwinski

    If that skeleton comes to me I wil make bone meal from him


    Please make next song on pillager Or shulkers

  26. Miss love Sick

    sans?! what happened wheen you got to the surface?!?!?!?!

  27. Joshinator hsh

    The animation is great but the music is not very good.

  28. Kylikar D

    At 2:36 the skeleton punch Zam and Zam fall

    so the skeleton is

    the steve from the 2 first rap

  29. Murasaki Renea

    And what have we learned from this?
    Skeletons are persistent assholes

  30. Mike James

    Please do zombie rap please

  31. the Minecraft bro

    How about player rap where the player slowly kill all the mobs

  32. Tash

    That following trends line was the best!

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