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  1. Stacy Perea

    I wouldn't have done media either!

  2. Christina MacNeal

    You CAN'T let kids OUT of your sight @all..you tell them..need to be visible @all times….NEVER assume they'll be OK. BE WISE.¥

  3. Vickie Henson

    There was seven of us and we didn't get left in a car or let outside with out a parent! Different people live different but I thank God for my parents!

  4. Neuronaut Alpha-1

    Whatever it is, has been around much longer than any human

  5. Neuronaut Alpha-1

    Nothing normal is happening to these folks. We will only know when we move on yo the next realm.

  6. Akhet Cypress Sage

    That grandpa laughing and calling him a kid rubbed me the wrong way for sure. May they all Rest In Power with Angels.. Ase'

  7. Carolyn Cook

    The department of interior, saying they don't have a list; is like saying, they don't keep payroll!

  8. Christina MacNeal

    Thank you…UTUBE !¥

  9. Beverly Beverly

    SEE 👀👀👀

  10. Masshole

    It wont let me watch the movie says licensing error wtf

  11. shifface

    Not sure if it's relative but my daughter was nearly abducted at the age of four while we were camping at a Jellystone park campground back in the summer of 1992 by the teenage son of a family a person working in the office described as "Coast to Coasters", which meant that they had a year round pass to travel from park to park throughout the U.S., and Canada.
    The "family"consisted of the husband, and wife, the approximately 15 year old teenage boy, another boy who was about 10, and a little girl no older than 3 who had strikingly blond hair, and looked nothing like the rest of the family. They had a dog, and a less than two week old kitten that my daughter was infatuated with, and because the family was camped directly across from our site my daughter would ask if she could pet the kitten.

    On the morning we were busy breaking down our camp the teenage boy suddenly decided to take the kitten, and walk down the dirt road our sites were on, and for reasons we were unaware of then my daughter followed him. If my wife hadn't looked up when she did they would have turned a corner, and disappeared out of our view. My wife called to my daughter to come back, and she did, but as she came back so did the teen, and I heard the boy say, "Ok, here.",  and handed the kitten to my daughter. We scolded her for walking off like that, but perhaps we were in denial because we didn't quite make the connection until we were halfway home.
    I asked my daughter why she was following the boy, and her response sent chills down me, and my wife's spine. She said, "He said I could hold the kitten when we got to his friends truck". I pulled off at the next exit to call the office of the park and warn them because there was another little girl just as taken by the kitten. The person who answered the phone seemed sincerely concerned, and said she would ask the family to leave, but that wasn't good enough for me so when I hung up with them I called the local police who also seemed to take it very seriously, and said they would send a car right out there to "speak" with them.
    Unfortunately that's where my story ends because I never followed up with it, but I did a lot of research, and found out that there are 79 Jellystone park themed campgrounds throughout the U.S and Canada, and the number of children that go missing from state parks each year is frightening. Child trafficking is big business, and it must be pretty lucrative. After all, how does a family afford to travel the country year round like that family did? I still have nightmares about how close we came to losing our daughter that day.

  12. Jason Genova

    They searched the crik

  13. madam jewelz

    I wonder if they looked up in the trees. I have a feeling these kids were being hidden up in the trees

  14. Jorge Garcia

    The mountain took his clothes off ??

  15. Jorge Garcia


  16. Yedediyah Kingdavidson

    This is bullshit why did they let that baby go travel by himself

  17. Jorge Garcia


  18. Jorge Garcia

    Natural parks making too much money each year, especially the big parks. If they release the missing persons reports people would stop going to the parks and stop making money .

  19. Ford,sr Robert

    Football game means that much to you that you loose your son because of a football game

  20. Island_Kermode

    fun fact, after going thru all the records of everyone interviewed or in production at Granite Mountain (Utah) there not one person that isn't related to each other and is at the top of imbreeding. like they said all the kidsgoing missing have a disorder, whether hearing or autism or add… this is just a cleansing by the mormon church so their little secret doesn't get out.

  21. Tommy Ibanez

    If these children are being abducted and trafficked, we'll unfortunately never know. Look at Laura SIlsby in DR- caught trying to abduct 30 children- you'd think she'd be serving life- nope, had her good friends (Clintons) make it all go away. It is said she changed her name and now works for Amber Alert, that would be terrifying. But then you have NXIVM in NY, involving some big names, with charges of CST and CP production- oddly those charges were the first 2 dropped as part of a plea. Then you have Epstein and 1,000 names they won't release. Something else I just found out- CPS and the foster system is under no obligation to alert authorities to children going missing while in their care. Then add to all of that the national park service refusing to even keep track. Individually it's crazy, when added together it's terrifying.

  22. Brenda Lambert

    Lesson to be learned from this show: Don't take toddlers into the wilderness.

  23. Cat Jefferson

    Why is it that every time I click on these YouTube 'free with ads' videos I get 2 seconds of film, then it stops and says " Sorry, there was an error licensing this video"

  24. Smoke and Mirrors

    Gramps and Isaac are prime suspects, just the fact Isaac was a sex offender… RED FLAG!!! Grampa chuckling about the child missing was unnerving plus not wanting his face on camera. When Isaac was first interviewed I could sense guilt.

  25. Danky Skull

    An awful lot of Obama Hussein appointees. Knowing that the left have a lot of pedophiles & ties to leftist elite reptilian pedophiles, they are most likely using some type of aircraft to take these kids. They use kids for the blood, the adrinochrome, & for satanic sacrifice.

  26. Fahrenheit Tepes

    That Parkins fellow holds alot of momento, to something he claims not to remember with his outfit saying he has no recollection, demeaning the significance of the event. Its like they glorify the event by trying to contain its personal value to him from the forefront of his interview.

  27. johnny tyler

    There is a interdimensional doorway in ong's hat New Jersey

  28. Sacrilicious

    does anyone else have shit tons of buffering on these free youtube movies?

  29. Kat Turner

    Omg those tormented parents. My heart is breaking over and over again while watching them speak about their little man going missing…💔

  30. Politics and Religion

    I'd want to talk to the 2 fishermen in the second case. In that dangerous wilderness, why didn't they make sure that little boy got back safely?
    This place was remote for a 3 year old to be alone.
    Occums Razor.

  31. exist in the now

    This sucked.

  32. Conorsz

    how clueless is this grandfather. "i turned my head for maybe 1 minute, i dont know 5/10 minutes". and he has the audacity to say he only feels "a little guilty". he is 100% responsible for losing this child, he should feel the full weight of this for the rest of his days.

  33. Jason Tiramisu

    My gut reaction is the grandpa bob and Isaac have some kind of conspiracy. they both seem like the creepiest and nastiest type of people you would ever meet.

  34. Jason Newstead

    They should've searched Epstein Island. I really wouldn't be surprised if these disappearances are how the "elite" get children for ritual sacrifice, torture, rape and adrenochrome. Sick shit.

  35. Mark Fleener

    I just love how the one that was found doesn't remember anything. Why didn't he get any regressive hypnotic therapy?

  36. Jay Cole

    They need to sit up a online database and have people's family or friends that have had a family member or friend go missing and a National Park and put the name and information about the missing person on the website

  37. Jay Cole

    This video makes me want to go help and try and find people

  38. Omgitsjoetime T

    It’s Bigfoot taking people to play with

  39. Omgitsjoetime T

    Some cases are very off. I do believe a mt lion is capable of taking small children without a trace. They attack the neck and could break it without much blood then hide the body and searchers could scare them off and they might abandon the kill

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