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    I love that whole movie

  2. Abhiram k

    Miya Muqi is the ugliest creature in the world 💩💩💩

  3. Yoga flexibility

    I love miya

  4. Uttam Sharma

    Lesbian anchor…itna kyu ghusi aa rhi hai..

  5. Drops Entertainment

    The host is irritating all the Cast members! Wtf…What a stupid questions..

  6. Denzel RJ

    uh.. the indian host waS KINDA CRINGY HAHA.

  7. Peter Pan

    Was it a good experience working with indians.what a dumb arse question

  8. Joanna Yan

    劝母大姐想走国际路线的话, 好好练一下口语吧

  9. priyank patel

    She's beautiful

  10. parag3247

    I am in love

  11. Satan Shameer

    She is hot!

  12. Chong Yu

    cute and nice girl 😊

  13. Abhishek Dev

    what a cute girl 😄

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