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  1. RandomStuffMeh

    They lost a lot of their stage presence, it's so sad to see what was a very energetic group turn into a group that is trying after losing members and performing a song too many times.


    Hyebin is so thin.

  3. Max Daun

    Guys you are praising hyebin but you're not mentioning that she is so skonny her ribs are visible

  4. Anna Mazet

    Ok Merries tryed don’t cry 😭😭😭😭🥺❤️

  5. X1 Hangyul

    Why are the other 3 not here? What happened?

  6. Zoe Méndez

    And yeonwoo?

  7. X1 Hangyul

    Ot9 is better.

  8. Jungkook is my euphoria

    It makes me really sad to see Jooe so powerless😞 she would always be so energetic and happy. Same for the other girls. I’ll forever support them and hope that the other members will return soon💜

  9. idk nan molla

    0:39 that sounds so scary and weird

  10. Momoland Nancy

    You may have lost 2 members but a lot of merries will keep on supporting you girls . ❤

  11. CrimsonWolv

    2:38 i love the mew mew part

  12. ruarmyfire bts

    Грустно…💔 это выглядит совсем не так, как раньше

  13. samin labib

    Exo also lost a lot of members yet they kept their energy same I think momoland should do the same

  14. Wevi

    merries, we have to stay strong for our girls. this era was stressful for them too, and without three members they must be sad. baam/bboom bboom are still outshining their other work, so we must stream thumbs up and give them their third 100m+ views on a mv!

  15. Mariana Rodriguez

    Anyone realised that hongjoong from Ateez showed up at the end!?!?

  16. Meh Martini

    Hyebin is literally a twig I’m scared

  17. haz

    i feel like the stage is empty wtf,,,

  18. Fatin

    I can feel the sadness in them. But hwaiting Momoland 💪, remember that Merries keep supporting you 🙂

  19. Mariana Rodriguez

    I got an ad of Thumbs up


  20. JEDO 36

    grande esfuerzo que hacen las chicas de momoland al no estar taeha…daysi y yeon woo….jooe y janeth mucho esfuerzo en la coreografía.

  21. BTS with jams

    I'm so happy I just found KBS World channel on my TV . Now I get to watch them all the time ^_^

  22. Ysabel Pelobello


  23. daina 다이나

    yeonwoo daisy taeha plz come back I'm so sad 😭

  24. Rawan Omer

    Why the did not perform i'm so hot or there new song ? We are done of this songs and so they are ..

  25. Zayn Indra Al-Baihaqi Akbari

    Yang rambut hitam panjang dan pake anting bintang itu siapa namanya? Ada yang tau?

  26. Rose Jizza


  27. Taj Muhammad

    Cute nayun

  28. Cute Oppa

    Yeonwoo is such a big loss

  29. sonya ‘

    i love this girls so much. please support they ;(

  30. Dinesh Babu Balasubramani

    Daisy is the best rapper for momoland… jooE is not that that much good.

  31. George Elroy

    Otw disband

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