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  1. Anton Vdk

    chinese ppl have no respect for animals with their bear farming, real horror

  2. stiven suarez

    no one culture is the best ,all are equals

  3. sizanllakcuf

    no, you're wrong. chinese are also the best

  4. rza884

    when hearing this i imagine myself in a grassy steppe of Mongolia and ride like the wind

  5. I live in the yard


  6. Angel Hatake

    he is sooo seeeeeexxxxyyy 😀

  7. The Online Music Archivist

    Mongolia..here I come!!

  8. marius2011music

    Beautiful performance!

  9. mik g


  10. mik g


  11. mik g


  12. Aktan Sahan

    only Mongolian man



  14. Katharsis540

    epic ftw

  15. ELMOcall911

    mongols are cool!!!

  16. Mordet Iliev

    it only has 2 strings :O and so much sounds!

  17. patrat2000

    surfin' mongolia

  18. thawthepast

    Man too kind!

  19. whythewar1

    *Head bangs*

  20. Daniel Silva

    Elvis from Mongolia =D

  21. leosukita

    This song deserve to be on a Rock'n'Roll Racing remake !

  22. Elvira Shanti

    This is high ART!!!

  23. Albert Rdanig

    mongolian Jimmy Page

  24. prinznevsky

    I REALLY need to get a Moriin Khuur…

  25. Bubble1210


  26. Vadims Metlovs

    I will send this music through Guitar Rig. ((:

  27. MGLomerta

    @crimsondagger1 called morin khuur

  28. alincielo

    The Mongolian Paganini!!!! Bravo!

  29. ojutan

    @EastAsiandictator the instrumet is in northern chinese style (nei men gu province)

  30. shtrihcod

    Мастер! *8)

  31. Hiroshi Hayashi

    Mongolian Micheal Angelo Batio

  32. Dolgormaa Byambasuren

    Wow best

  33. Italo fain binda

    the mongolian jimi hendrix,great player great music!!

  34. Michael ibeam Cline

    He totally rocking that morin khuur!

  35. Ramkumar Velusamy


  36. M Wing

    Ditto feschum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Trung Huynh

    then he's still Mongolian. not Chinese-mongolian.

  38. flowerlight

    such a lively song 😀 enjoyed it lots!!

  39. asnodeusVH

    Or maybe he means that one of the parents is chinese the other is mongolian, or that he was born in one country but lives in the other… There are lots of possibilities for this sentence to be true 🙂

  40. Fred Schumacher

    Morin khuur shredder!

  41. kreattif

    maravilosooooooooooo!!! es un genio! me fascina este hombre.

  42. Monocromatico

    I demand a Guitar Hero version :^P

  43. ZOWR


  44. santiprom69

    It sounds like "Santiago" folk music of Huancayo Peru.

  45. unrecordable

    I'm going to marry this man one day

  46. mg42GR


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