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  1. Shinjin Yume


    If you read this, I wish you a great life.

    Trust yourself and follow your dreams. You are better than you think.

  2. Adrià

    Mark Petrie is such a good composer. Always happy to see him on this channel.

  3. Akusa Kai

    How to fill my ego with retarded cool words in comment section

  4. LeBrainTrain

    Hey ImmortalMage,
    glad to see you got a million subs again. Cheers! 🙂

  5. RandomAtics

    I wanna see that picture made into a video game

  6. Starlightyler X

    Honkai impact 🤩🤩🤩Tesla and Einstein🤩

  7. Itz Shirou GOMD

    Is that Tesla from Honkai Impact 3…?

  8. AloTek

    Reminds me of the Maze Runner soundtracks, which I love.

  9. Fireteam Delta

    what anime is this buddy complex

  10. Leage Motion

    Ignition awesome thanks

  11. Vancouver's Worst Drivers

    Mark is a mastermind of music

  12. Atreus atreus

    Tu wa ga pat

  13. SB Jad Fares

    What a powerful music ♥

  14. 李偉丞


  15. this is ridiculous you already know

    I like it

  16. Dranconic_Darkness

    I wonder how many years it will take to get this technological.

  17. Rahul Das


  18. wahyudi 90


  19. KING of Dragon Ball

    "10 people cannot hear"

  20. Vhan Darsh

    July 16,1969

  21. Astray Boy

    Damn that Titan mech is glorious! I wish Padrino was included~

  22. Ann Riki

    omg mophead

  23. I breathe Napalm

    Einstein log – 104

    Guess it's time. The end is coming, it's now or never. The prototypes are ready but… Like I said, they're merely prototypes, never tested. We can't strike directly but when "she" is occupied, we might have a chance. End Log

    Einstein log – 105

    Seems the mission is a fail, as I conclude, the prototypes can't handle the Herrscher directly. And now, we have these "kids" we need to feed, supposedly they can defeat her. Well, like we have a choice. End log

    Einstein log – 107

    We've reached the Sea of Quanta. I must say, it's fascinating. Questionable, it seems as if the laws of physics doesn't apply to this place. I wonder, if I had my equipment, I might do some experiments. Sigh, Tesla might bump in though, of course, that Russian milf girl…


    I heard something


    Tesla, if you get this message, get out NOW!

    End log

    Einstein log – 108


    Rita… static …Ross… static …weisse…


    End log

  24. Gaminox89


  25. Cyber Den 001

    :Do you think your invincible?
    : Nope, I'm not the one that maid that mistake, but me I bleed red white and blue how about you??????.
    Continue epic storyline

  26. Wrench Magnifica

    This reminds me of the music from Stellaris

  27. Faris Afandi Cahya

    2nd Honkai Wars

  28. REM Relaxing Emotional Music

    Masterpiece…I hope I can be as famous as you one day…😭

  29. Melissa Patterson

    This is awesome!

  30. Art Of Joker

    It ignite me …

  31. avinash u

    Oh my that's Tesla and Einstein in that picture,honkai impact yes!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Ale Garza

    great, epic songs are always the ones I like the most, they're great

  33. 刃幻黑櫻

  34. Khalid El Alami

    Nice top photo

  35. Cynthia Elil

    That's a low amount of soldier to fight the Herrscher of Void

  36. MrNiceguy1311

    Those who survive a long time on the battlefield start to think they're invincible. I bet you do too, buddy

  37. neon Jaimes

    Esto no es música es sólo sonido

  38. MiZu

    This free to use?

  39. Aldrich Smith

    All it takes is one spark

    To ignite a wildfire.

  40. NoWayOut

    Curious, is the image from an anime?

  41. Mishka

    rare occasion seeing einstein and tesla together ^^

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