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  1. The Young Turks

    What are your thoughts on the financial fallout of tragic stories like this? Leave a comment below. For more No Filter videos, check out: https://www.youtube.com/user/TYTshows

  2. Eva Calles

    This is absolutely heart breaking. I am so sorry for your loss. I don’t know if you believe in a god or if you’re going to read this, but I am praying for you and your family. No mother should ever go through this loss.

  3. Jonelle85

    They probably canceled her debt so that she can’t sue them for wrongful death in the future. These companies are absolutely egregious smh.

  4. Raquel R.

    I had been paying a hospital bill for months until I just couldn’t do it anymore. So I stopped, and now I have been sued by the hospital. They want to put a lien on my paycheck to get their money. I don’t know what I am going to do if they do that. And I have union insurance. It’s not enough, I NEED MEDICARE FOR ALL!

  5. James Fralick

    these stories just break my heart😔 please get trump outta office because hes killing americans with no universal health care which he promised 3yrs ago

  6. M DeFazio

    Thank you for this interview. My youngest has down and it’s hard to hear but I feel fortunate to have learned about this families story. Bernie 2020

  7. MrPie45678

    Horrible thing to happen to anyone. To hopefully provide some insight, I'm assuming the hospital the paramedics took Mrs. Casil's son was simply closer. Paramedics have to take critical patients to closer hospitals for the higher level of care. That is in the hopes that the hospital there can stabilize and care for the patient before them being transferred to either a hospital in network or more likely to the ICU on site.

  8. Eagle1oh7


  9. Sonny Tuft

    Bernie is modeling his plan off Canadian healthcare where wait times to see a specialist are averaged at 21 weeks. Where will Canadians go?

  10. Detector1977

    But but CHOICE!

  11. Matthew Lewis

    I live in Germany. This doesn't exist here. For over 120 years.Shame on you America..

  12. Lester Brunt

    fake exaggerated fantasy stories.

  13. Oscar Jones

    Bernie Sanders is the Trump of the left

  14. chrlpolk

    Even when my mom, who has Medicare, goes to the doctor, she literally makes a list of things to talk about. Because of the copays, she might not be back for awhile. And this is becoming so prevalent that doctors offices are putting up signs, “1 visit, 1 issue”. She has been told that if she wants to discuss another health concern she would have to make another appointment and another copay. Freedom!

  15. Halon's Razor

    It's just a clump of cells, it's not a baby.
    At best this was just a 4th trimester abortion, just like dems wanted.

  16. manicms

    In an emergency you should always go to the nearest hospital that has the appropriate facilities. How is this common sense policy not applied everywhere?

  17. Jeremy Dirr

    This is a brave, strong woman. I hope the idiot trolls don't fling shit at her.

  18. Cuddly Cactus



  19. Jennifer signsoflife

    It stuns me that we Americans don't know about Charlie Gard & Alfie Evans, the two 18 month olds from the UK who died in 2017 bc the "Medicare for All" refused treatment. When you turn your body over to the gov't you get what you pay for. (PS. The gov't refused to even release the babies' passports so their parents could bring them here for lifesaving treatment)

  20. S Miller

    Wow, our whole household did the same thing in 2016. We left the democratic party and joined the green party. I will try to vote for Bernie again this time…

  21. Avery Koenig

    Ana thankyou so much for doing this story.

    You are my voice right now on why Bernie is better.

  22. Olivia Tom

    I lost a brother named Anthony.

  23. sirfith

    Nice tight shirt. Ana got some serious milkers.

  24. Toria Rose

    Oh, also, I wanted to say that pretty much every medical bill I've ever received has been absurd. But I haven't had one since the mid-90's, when I decided the whole lot of it was, way worse than just absurd, so I stopped going to them. Funnily enough, if you learn to trust yourself, your right-brain "woo-woo" (lol) or "intuition," it will guide you (and empower you) toward natural ways/solutions. It's a good thing, and learning to do this is the only thing that will "save" our world. Stop giving them your power, in all the many ways you do. It rarely ends well. Um, yes I know there are some things we can't heal ourselves (but you'd be surprised), but until we do away with this insane system (like most of them are), and re-create a true HEALTH CARE system, then the answer is still to learn to trust your "intuition," cultivate that right-brain energy. If you learn to do that, it will always show you the way. (Hint, this is what the cra-cra religious ones call "god," but it isn't a sky monster, it's us… er, think of it as another/"higher" level of consciousness.)

  25. CapAnson12345

    Nothing about her story would have been any different under socialized health care. Also, tragic though it may be, it doesn't entitle her or anyone else to the contents of my wallet.

  26. Proppa Black

    Maybe she should of closed her legs.

  27. Nunya Beeswax

    Obamacare was the pits.

  28. Jane Pappas

    You need to be registered as a Democrat to vote for Bernie in the primary! You can switch to Green Party or Republican or independent or whatever afterward, but please make your voice count in the primary election. Bernie needs our support to win.

  29. David Hill

    I once paid about $0 when i ended up having to take a ambulance to the emergency department of our local hospital due to a really bad viral infection . …oh I live in Australia

  30. shelby melliere

    Something that the left and right can agree on, the American healthcare system is so messed up. You want to know why….because it's a socialistic system instead of a free market system. "Medicare for all" is actually Medicaid for all

  31. rk 4391

    Democrats could do me and themselves a massive favor and start caring for children before they're born, at least after 22 weeks, too.

  32. Megan Carson

    OK skip over to 5:25, where she talks about how the insurance ultimately paid $10,000 to the hospital and the hospital FORGAVE the remaining $20,000 balance, even though they were out of network. Yet these biased liberals are still making her into another victim to justify socialized medicine and a total government takeover of our health care system…

  33. The Rεal Hal Jordan

    Ana "I'm phucking better than you" Kasparian standing on the grave of a baby to push socialist healthcare, pathetic

  34. Valli Weidemann

    A few years ago i bought a trailer home off a friend of a friend. The couple had to sell it and move to Florida to live with his parents after they had to declare bankruptcy, because they had a baby with a congenital heart defect which dragged him in and out of the hospital in Boston (we're in Rhode Island) for 3 straight months before he ultimately died. They couldn't even afford to live in a trailer park anymore, in a trailer that was fully paid for.

  35. Sunstreaky

    Over $300k in medical debt. Before the ACA I paid into my own healthcare and was denied for preexisting on everything. Had a hole blown in my lung and my body filled with air like a balloon. Spent 2 weeks in the cardiac unit. They gave me a nebulizer with steroids to combat the hole, not my asthma, but a nebulizer treatment for any reason still treats asthma. My entire stay and treatment was denied. Got a bill for $130k along with a denial of coverage letter. I was sued by the hospital and to this day they still take my taxes and garnish my paycheck. That happened in early 2008.

  36. batgurrl

    This is a heartbreaking story

  37. batgurrl

    I have been on disability and on Medicare since 2000. I owe thousands of dollars in medical bills. Medicare for all is still a problem. They cover 80% so that leaves a whole lot of unpaid bills if you have a chronic progressive disease or something like that

  38. Ulfric Stormcloak

    womp womp

  39. TwitchyEatsYourFace

    I had a baby die 5 years ago and I would've been charged thousands for her NICU stay, even though my doctor was the reason she needed a NICU stay to begin with, but an amazing group called Angels for Allison actually paid it. They are a charity that specializes in helping families whose children are killed from malpractice.

  40. Donna Noe

    She is just one reason why Trump is in office now.
    I feel her pain. I am currently sitting in a hospital bed. I have a chronic illness and the people here know my name.
    However, throwing your vote to someone who is absolutely not going to win can cause this country to crumble. Remember that the next time you vote!

  41. Douglas Latham

    Twenty thousand for an ambulance ride and revival efforts over a period of 90 minutes, anesthetics included. Wow…..somebody is making big money from sick and dying people. What a big ink-blot on American society.

  42. cne08

    Thanks to my Canadian universal healthcare I've never received an absurd medical bill.

  43. Coral Titan

    It's not just the bills. It's the fact that you need to pay for insurance every month and still not be covered on millions of clauses…It's the fact I need to pick up the phone to call the insurance to MAKE SURE I'm gonna be covered. It's the fact that we need to fill up endless pages of words I don't even understand in order to be covered or have the doctor do it. It's the fact a doctor need to, besides taking care of people, to negotiate with corporations about his patients' financial security. It's the fact that even with insurance you still don't have a piece of mind.

  44. seanman1231

    I think the Republican Party should foot the bill for this woman, then maybe they will learn that everyone in this country deserves to have healthcare without having to worry about going bankrupt. The only solution is single payer

  45. Toxic Masculinity

    Oh my good, how does the camera man not blind from the glare off ana's ginormous freaking forehead? I'd bet even a welder's mask isn't enough.

  46. CK Davis

    what would be better is to improve the existing system by fixing drug prices and lallow insurance companies to sell in every state without excessive regulations.
    Also, Not allow insurance companies to refuse covering preexisting medical conditions
    Mandate with laws that every doctor practicing must serve their communities by offering a free clinic (s) and devote 10% of their practice time for it. At the free clinics, rotating doctors based on the type & size of their practice, etc
    Allow competition on multi state levels drugs, insurance and community service. & Also make a Huge effort to eliminate, reduce medical fraud & abuses in medicare & medicaid systems, so more money can be used for the needy.
    Things like the few suggest here, would revolutionize our current medical system for the better, without going broke to a socialized medical system. Why not go that direction?.

  47. Mike R.

    Bernie is in third place in a majority of polls. Sorry, Bros, but you shouldn't have spoiled 2016. Now millions of Dems like me will never support him.

  48. Marx was right

    Easy solution:

    A Single payer system.

  49. Julius Robinson

    Was it a real ambulance or a private company? I was driving and listening.

  50. Dragon of Aragon

    America is a sick nation.

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