Mozart Classical Music for Studying and Concentration, Relaxation, Reading | Instrumental Music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart offers 3 hours of best classical music for learning and concentration. It is the perfect relaxed instrument for learning…

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  1. Victoria Hartzler

    What’s the name of this music?

  2. White_Shadow_59

    Look at Mozart with those headphones. I wonder if anyone was imagining if this would be the way music would be listened to in the future.

  3. diesel828

    1:10:52 the note held sounds flat 🙁

  4. Dust Bunny

    I'm really stoned, have had 5 beers, it's my day off. It's summer

  5. Cats Rule!

    Study, don't look at the comments! 🙂

  6. Ann Charlz

    Sooo mentally and physically relaxing!  Studying is less stressing. Just totally AWESOME.

  7. FruitNDoggie

    Why do so many people dislike this music? It's wonderful!

  8. nasa dude

    me: *goes through comments to procrastinate*
    comments: *specifically tells me to stop procrastinating*
    whelp, whEn Life giVEs yOu leMOns

  9. Jahmyl Robinson

    Someone coughed or sneezed during the recording of this piece – 2:19:31

  10. 218maryland

    Hey you! Get back to studying! Your break is up!!

  11. Bruce Holmstrom

    Shout out to my man Wolfgang for helping me get my work done

  12. Iñaki Gomez

    ¡¡Si lees este mensaje es porque no estás estudiando, como yo ahora!! (To avoid english speakers to translate this it says: ""…¡¡If you're reading this message it's because you're not studying, as me now!!…").

  13. DAGBITR 94

    Railed some college chick out to this playlist.. thank you, big fan now 🤙

  14. Erica Miller

    STOP YOUR Coughing

  15. Erica Miller

    I got a 100 on my test because of this thanksssss

  16. Erica Miller

    This music is far from amazing thank you so much

  17. Def-Tones121892

    S.I.E. Let's go!

  18. Alex Pijoan

    is it just me or does it sound like someone is rocking on their seat and also coughing in the background?

  19. K Dot

    You could be studying right now

  20. Hilda Odias

    i have zero motivation for writing this paper. after turning on this music, i've suddenly regained the strength.. it is currently 9 45 PM…. i am hoping to push through

  21. Japonte Andre

    oh shoot. someone is behind you

  22. sophie the savage

    Aren't you supposed to be studying!

    Well, I'm a hypocrite because so should I.
    6 p.m. right now and I have a paper due at 12 p.m. JUST started and it's supposed to be 5 Pages at minimum 1300 words😅

  23. ala haroun

    don't get back to studying keep scrolling

  24. David Y Lim

    Stop reading the comments and put your thinking caps back on!

  25. Johnny Lacey

    Who else is playing this for there plants!
    It Makes them happy.Happy plant = Awesome Blooms🤙🏿👍🏿

  26. Kay Cee

    I'm only reading the comments because I have to use the loo.

  27. Perrin Conant

    Get my man some Dayquil

  28. John galeano

    2019 any one???

  29. nick

    Is this the same song on loop or is it actually 3 hours long?

  30. Tom

    2am and just procrastinated for a couple hours. Anyone else?

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